Chix-a-Lot Friday: I like dudes!

Now that I’ve shipped off foster sister Dora the Explorer to her new home, can I get something off my chest that I’ve been wanting to tell you for a long time?

I. Like. Dudes. Girls are ok, but I just really, really prefer boy dogs.  You still love me, right?

All of my best friends are boys. Remember how famously I got along with my first boy foster dog, Gonzo Bunny-Ears? Yeah, it’s no coincidence that he was a dude.

And yet, mama keeps bringing home foster sisters for me. What’s the deal with that? I ALWAYS whine and complain, and mama says that rescue groups think it’s a good “rule of thumb” to place opposite gender dogs together for the best chances of success. But that’s dumb. I don’t even have any thumbs, so why would I care about a rule of thumbs? And she’s always talking about how “every dog is an individual,” so why doesn’t that apply to these kinds of preferences? If a Chick likes dudes better, let him foster dudes, I say!

So I begged and pleaded and begged and pleaded, and finally mama relented. She said that if I promised to be totally tender-sweet and love him like a true brother or best friend, she would bring me home a dude instead of a girl. And I promised. And I delivered.

Meet the new dude on Monday!

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  1. I don’t usually wish my weekends away, but I can’t wait ’til Monday to see Chick’s new foster brother/dude!!

  2. Now I don’t think my Tilly is so strange. We really couldn’t get her to stop reacting to our boy foster, Ozzie. We brought home a girl and Tilly is much calmer with her! Silly dogs!

  3. I feel ya, Chick. I prefer canines of the male persuasion as well. ALL my friends are dudes too! That Kaylee was OK, but I begged momma for a foster brother next time…well guess what? She came home from the shelter last night with ANOTHER. STUPID. GIRL. Ugh, it is so hard being Oscar.
    (Momma said she’d introduce everyone to her today, but I’m still hoping she’ll take her back where she came from)

  4. Oh, Chick, we’ve known all along that you liked boy-dogs better than girl-dogs! That’s okay. Love is love, no matter whether you luvs a boy or a girl.

    I can hardly WAIT to meets your new fosterbrudder!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  5. We don’t even get an ear, or a nose or something, just two hind paws? You really are a tease. But WOW! Chick seems to have warmed up to him fast. That’s great!

  6. A guy needs a weekend for himself now and then, too, doncha know. I can’t wait to meet your new brother. Kisses.

  7. Chick you are such a tease! Can’t wait to see the rest of your new foster bro! Don’t sweat the small things! We like who we like! I have fostered girls…because of the rule of thumb you mentioned…because we had 3 boys…but my last foster was a spur of the moment decision when a dog was abandoned by his owners at the vets office I worked at. He was already so kennel stressed, but after several months the vets had no options but to return him to the shelter. No Way! I had just adopted out my last foster gal & had a spot open…he was coming home w/ me. Guess what Chick? Yup…he’s still here! We failed him as a foster family & now we have 4 Dudes! LOL We like who we like! Have a fun weekend w/ your new brother!

  8. chick, your new foster brother wears very cute little white socks!

    it looks like you got yourself a new snuggle-buddy. we can’t wait to meet him.

  9. I love what you said about a “rule of thumb” and pointed out that you don’t even have thumbs! I had to giggle. I think you make a very good point, though, and give a good reminder that every dog is indeed an individual.

  10. I have three dogs. Two females that 100% prefer the company of female dogs. And one male who is very girly, and also prefers the company females. I get very frustrated with rescue organizations that adhere so strictly to the no same sex parings. If we are to consider all dogs on individual basis, you would think we would do that on all levels.

    • Amen! And I think a lot of adopters who already have a male and a female are put off from adopting a third dog, even if a third dog would work for their family, because they don’t want two of the same gender. We think that’s just silly!

  11. Love that picture with the dude’s legs!

    The male-female dynamic certainly hasn’t helped things in my house. Maybe Tommy prefers dudes too.

    Have a happy weekend with your new dude, Chick! Can’t wait to meet him.

  12. What a wonderful blog, with such a terrific purpose. I enjoy reading about your adventures fostering dogs. I have friends who do the same for Sheba Inus. I think they now have four, two of which they have adopted. Bless you!

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