Chix-A-Lot Friday: Look what we cooked up!

Yo. We’re the Chick and the Dude, and we’re here with a very special announcement! And no, it’s not about the newly pink walls in our office / den / dog play room.

See these awesome new bowties and matching collars we’ve been gifted? That means that we’re a Really Big Deal and that we have important news to share, so listen up!

Sirius Republic — creator and purveyor of the cutest dog collars ever — has teamed up with our rescue group on ten brand new collar designs! We were all out on the back patio having a nice martini on the adirondack chairs when they came in the mail, and when mama first opened them, we started bickering over who got to keep which ones — we thought there were five for each of us, one for each workday!

Well, it turned that there was a special pair of matching collars just for us, but the ten new designs are NOT for us.  They’re for the adoptable dogs of Love-A-Bull. Isn’t that nice? For some of these dogs, a Sirius Republic collar will be the first new thing of their very own they’ve ever had. That makes us boys a little teary-eyed, you know?

These ten lovely designs (the Sirius Republic for Love-A-Bull collection) have never been seen or worn before — not by anybuddy, not even us! And you know what’s even cooler? Sirius Republic let Love-A-Bull’s executive team name the collars themselves! I asked mama to put in a good word for me and suggest that they name the collars after me (the Chick, the Chickster, the Chick-star, the Chick-a-nator, etc) but they chose to go in a different direction and name them after special Austin landmarks. Not as cool as naming them after me, but still, not too shabby!

So we present to you, from left to right:

Broken Spoke, Waterloo, Enchanted Rock, Texas Two-Step, Deep Eddy, Stacy Pool, Barton Springs, Lady Bird, Red Bud, and Hippie Hollow!

You can buy these ten new designs from Sirius Republic in the special Love-A-Bull section of their website, and if you go over there right now, you’ll see us two dogs as the cover models. And us two dogs are the cover models for the initiative. Doggone cool, if you ask me. But it gets even better! For every collar of these ten patterns sold by Sirius Republic, 20% of the proceeds will be donated directly to Love-A-Bull! That means that you guys buying these ultra-cute collars will not only be bringing a little piece of Austin into your home, but also helping Love-A-Bull to save more dogs like the Dude!

Ok, you’re probably so exhausted from all of this excitement that you’re ready for a nap, but just one more thing– probably the coolest thing of all: Between now and Monday, Love-A-Bull is allowing its blog readers to decide which Adopt-A-Bull gets which collar. Love-A-Bull will pick a winner at random, and the person whose choices are selected will also get a free Love-A-Bull t-shirt! So hop on over and play— the contest ends on Tuesday!

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  1. Excuse any spelling errors, can’t see for tears! This is just so amazing! For the record, I asked if Love-A-Bull was one of the rescue groups available to receive the proceeds from my purchase of Oliver’s collar. SO happy to hear that they are on board now!

  2. Ok I love reading about you awesome guys and I thought you looked So handsome in your new collars I had to pin you on Pinterest!

  3. I am only sad that I just ordered two new collars from Sirius Republic last week!! Might have to get a couple more! Chick and Snickerdoodle, you guys look great!!

  4. So exciting!!! We’ve been patiently waiting to order our second set of collars from Sirius. Now to only decide who gets what…

    Would you mind if I shared a link to your page and promo over on our blog today? I didn’t have anything planned so what better what to spread the love!

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  6. You guys are real hams posing for the pawparazzi sporting in those beautiful colors. My Lily would love pink walls
    Benny & Lily

  7. You two are extremely handsome boys – and the bowties certainly add to the overall look 🙂 Love the pics…they look like lifetime buddies!

  8. Your boys look positively dashing in their bow ties! What a great idea–both for the collar/bow ties and the help for Love-A-Bull.

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