Nutty Brown goes home

Dog rescue has amazed us before, like when our elderbull foster Little Zee was adopted so quickly, and when Gonzo Bunny-Ears saved the life of another bunny-eared dog at our local shelter. This weekend, magic struck once again.

Nutty Brown’s (then Macky Mack) journey from Log Cabin, Texas was a long one not just literally, but figuratively, too. He had suffered a life of neglect at the end of a chain, probably never seeing the inside of a house or a hearty meal. His life has made a 180 degree turnaround since then: just a month later, some of his favorite things are leisurely walks to the coffee shop to flirt with the ladies, long naps on the sofa, and gourmet dog treats.

You can see the transformation in his face: look at his beautiful fur, his clean, clear eyes, and his easy, relaxed appearance:

His lovely new family fell in love with his handsome face on our rescue’s lineup, and the rest is history. At their first meeting, they couldn’t get over how handsome and friendly he is — especially after hearing all he’s been through. They were so smitten that they wanted to keep him that very day!

Instead we gave them a night to think it over and shop for supplies, and on Saturday we delivered him to his new home. Everybody — including Nutty — was grinning from ear to ear. A match made in heaven.

Congrats, y’all!

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  1. You have got to feel so good about this very happy ending!! Nutty Brown is going to be living the good life….deservedly so. He’s a cutie pie!

  2. That is so great! I sure hope you dont think keeping a dog outdoors is cruelity! I have two dogs and my dad doesnt like them inside unless they need to be so they stay outside (except one is inside right now because he is an escape artist and we dont want him getting hurt.) They get all the care they need and we love them like crazy! They both have dry places to sleep and food and water and love! The only difference between how you keep your dogs and how we keep ours is yours live indoors and our live outside on a lead line (with plenty of room I might add) So unless they were being cruel to him in other ways I dont think you should say keeping him outdoors on a lead line type device is cruel it might offend people. I dont mean any offence either Im just looking for you to clarify what you mean by cruelity… 🙂

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