Chix-A-Lot Friday: Our Superbowl plans

Me and my brother foster brother have A LOT in common, but one special thing we share is our mutual love of football.

Want proof? This is about how excited both we get about the Superbowl:

And these are our Superbowl plans:

Hope everybody is looking forward to a relaxing weekend!

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  1. Chick – you are too darn cute!! What a face! Happy to see that you’re sharing your bed with your foster brother. GO GIANTS!

  2. I have nearly identical plans-plug my ears, hike the dogs, read a book or two and do my best to ignore it all. Such handsome boys! I need to re-read your photo notes (or fly you up here by Lake Superior to shoot my gang) – the colors and contrasts are so lovely, Ruby

  3. Reblogged this on Pink Biscotti and commented:
    I read this blog every time there is a new post. And it’s making me want a pittie more and more….ecspecially Snickerdoodle. He is the brown and white pit. He is currently up for adoption but I know I can’t have a dog right now. But I know he would make me soo happy. I hope some day in my future I can start fostering dogs. I dream I want to work toward for sure.

  4. Would love an update on the Dood’s separation anxiety. I’ve had two fosters who struggled with it in big ways and we never found anything that helped all that much. Are things improving and progressing?

  5. I’m new to your blog. You are a BEAUTIFUL matched set. I have three furbabies, but only one pays attention to TV. And she (Izzie) is an avid TV watcher. She loves animal shows, cop shows, and sports. Football is her favorite. She stands in front of the TV watching the teams line up–then when the action begins she bounces up and down and growls until everyone stops moving.

    We love the Superbowl, and are HUGE Pats fans. Izzie will be wearing her red and blue scarf this weekend.

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