Farewell to Knox

Just before Christmas, a young, healthy Knox sent a special holiday package to Chick and then-foster Dora the Explorer.

Today he is gone.

This weekend, our pal from Maryland Knox succumbed to a mysterious illness that grabbed hold a couple of weeks ago, drained his health, left specialists with no answers, and ultimately took his life. Jess and Brian said goodbye on Friday.

It always leaves us a little empty inside when a dog we know passes on to the next world. But Knox left a different, even bigger kind of void– the kind you feel when a young, vibrant life disappears with no reason, little warning, and no explanation.

Please visit Knox’ facebook page or blog and share a few kind words today.

Knox, you were a perfect foster brother, a champion ball chaser, a dapper ladies man, a pit bull ambassador, and the center of your mom and dad’s world. Rest in peace, sweet boy. We’ll never forget you.

23 responses

  1. I learned of Knox’s passing this morning from Two Pitties in the City’s blog. This is such a sad thing to hear about, I think especially since Knox was so young. He was a handsome fellow and my heart just goes out to that young couple.

  2. His life was brief, but ultimately so sweet. He did not know his timewas cut short. But he knew love, trust, and a sense of belonging. That is all a dog EVER wants and needs. My condolences to those who are suffering his loss.

  3. I am sorry for your loss. Knox, from what I gather had a real impact on your lives. Thanks for sharing the memories. We pour so much into our pets; I’m glad to see that you are keeping his memory alive within your blog. So sad. Again, my condolences.

  4. I am so sad and sorry for you. Last year, in the space of a few months, my young golden retriever died, my senior lab died, and my beautiful young siamese cat died. So I understand your pain so well. I am crying with you.

  5. What a sweet-looking guy. I feel you so deeply. We recently lost our boy, Sailor, to heart disease…we still struggle daily…but we are incredibly grateful to have know him for nine years. Yes, the pain is totally worth it. I truly believe we’ll see them again, when there’s heaven on earth.

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