Chix-a-Lot Friday: Big brother worries

Yo, it’s me: Big Brother. You may be wondering: what am I doing here, sniffing this empty dog t-shirt that I got as a gift from my foster-great-aunt Margaret (thank you Aunt Malgosia)?

Well, I’m just practicing being alone. For what, you might ask? For next Monday, I will tell you. When my Foster Kid, the Dude, has to go in to the vet’s office for his second round of heartworm treatment.

It’s been almost four weeks now since the morning he woke up coughing blood and had to get his first injection to kill the evil worms that are trying to eat his heart and soul (go to hell little wormies, we quite like the Dude’s heart and soul and would prefer to keep them for ourselves, thankyouverymuch). And mama says that means he’s due for his next round. I’m not sure what’s so round about these special heartworm shots (all the shots I’ve ever seen are pokey and come in a tube and are most definitely not round). But anyhow, this next time he has to go to the vet on Monday, get a shot, and then stay there for a whole 24 hours and get another shot. After that, they’re going to keep him for even more hours so they can monitor him and make sure he’s doing ok.

I don’t know about you, but I think that sounds like an awful lot of hours for a dog to be at the vet’s office. I’m thinking about sending him a care package to keep him company, and maybe putting myself and his “Foster Kid” t-shirt in the package too. I wonder if we’d help him make it through ok!


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  1. Good luck to the Dude, to the Chick, and to the Parents. The last time our Paul had to go to the vet for a long time, we wrapped him in his Thundershirt to help him stay calm. Maybe the Foster Brother shirt will have the same effect?

  2. What an awesome big brother your are to the Dude, Chick. As much as you want to be with your little bro I bet your parents need you just as much to help calm their worries. I’ll be thinking of all of you on Monday. ♥

  3. Wow, time has gone by fast! Or at least it has for us, probably not for you all. Hope his treatment goes well. Do you think they ever would actually let Chick stay with him for support? Maybe in a big kennel run? Or nearby? I bet it would help. Love those shirts too.

  4. Oh Chick…’re such a sweetie. The Dude will miss you but he knows you’ll be there to cuddle with when he returns home. Keep his shirt close by in the meantime. Ask mama to keep us informed on the Dude’s condition….please.

  5. Oh, Chick, that DOES seem like an awful long time to be at the V.E.T. I know you’re gonna miss each other lots. But I like your idea of sending along a care package to make him feel betters. I know everything’s gonna be A-OK but I’ll go ahead and cross my paws for him to be double sure.

    Wiggles & Wags,

  6. Oh Chick…you are the best big brother a Dude could want. Sending lots of good thoughts for the Dude…I’m sure he’s going to come through these treatments just fine. 🙂

  7. Awww…I can so feel his anguish at the thought of his little brother having to go through all of this. Maybe he can make him a special treat for when he returns home. Good thoughts being sent to Dude & Chick.

  8. Those are the best shirts ever!!! Get those smells all over them and trade. At least the boys can have their smells as a reminder while they’re apart. Just think of what a wonderful reunion it’ll be. Good Luck Doodle!

  9. Dear Chick – it’s me, Wilbur. You don’t know me, usually my Mom is the one that comments. My Mom just got home from taking my sister, Cherokee, to the vet. I don’t know why – but my Mom did not return with Cherokee. I whined and cried and ran around the house and backyard in case Cherokee was playing hide and seek, but I can’t find her. I do not like being away from my sister. I am very sad.

    My Mom just told me that Cherokee is at the vet getting some pictures taken. An X-ray I think? Whatever that is. She has been limping lately – using only three of her four legs. But, I’ve helped her along.

    I’m keeping you in my thoughts, Chick – you and Dude both. Cherokee sends her love, too. She’s an awesome sister like that.

  10. Chick – you are a great big brother. It’s obvious how much you love the Dude, and hope you keep his sleeping spot warm for when he comes home. Yes home, not a foster home, but with you he is home. Maybe one day the dude will find a home without you, as brother’s sometimes move on, but for now watch over him. Love the shirts.

  11. You don’t HAVE to leave the Dude overnight. When Cassie had her second round of shots, she went during the day and I picked her up at 6P both days and she stayed overnight at home, in her own bed, with her own pack. As long as you keep Snickerdoodle quiet, you can certainly bring him home. Ask your vet about it. (If you need a referral to my vet for info, let me know. My vet trained in North Carolina, and after Hurricane Floyd, the vet school was full of dogs with heartworms, so she’s pretty experienced. And Cassie, as bad as she was, is now heartworm free.)

    • BTW–are they giving you pain meds for the Dude? He’s going to be especially sore after the second shot, because he’ll have had those big, deep, nasty shots in both flanks. I found that Cassie couldn’t get comfortable for about 36 hours after the second shot. She took the shots without flinching, but the first time I ever heard her cry out was when she tried to lay down at home after the second shot. LOTS and LOTS of padding–piles of blankets and one of those eggcrate-type or corrugated-type bed pads on the bottom seemed to help. I bought a twin-size at Wal-mart for about $15 and folded it in half, then piled blankets and a folded up old quilt on top. That did seem to help her–and I hope it helps Dude.

  12. Oh goodness, you are the best parents ever! You truly do go above and beyond the norm! I love to read your blog and see all your pics. You have totally changed my mind about pits, yours are so adorable and I can see the love in their eyes! I miss my two girls(retrievers) so much. So I am liviing vicariously through you! Good luck to the dude, and those shots sound NASTY!

  13. My heart goes out to y’all during this difficult time. We treated our very-anxious dog for heartworms last summer, and I know how terrifying the experience can be! But with such a great big brother, I’m sure the Dude will be fine. ❤

  14. prayers for the dude and of course big brother. and the mommy and daddy. I remember going through this with my black lab. And after it was all over and done and he could go outside in the yard without being on a leash, he ran round and round the yard over and over..until he came back and flopped contentedly at our feet. I pray all goes well.

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