High five!

Well, it’s the big day. This morning we’re shipping the Doodlebug off to the vet’s office for a sleepover. But not a fun sleepover — this one involves two heavy injections into his deep lumbar muscle tissue — hardly your average dog’s idea of a good time.

But we keep telling him: six weeks from now — assuming all goes well — the Dude will be heartworm and trouble free. We’re already planning his adventures. We’ve been talking them up so much, in fact, that he’s been getting pumped up for his vet stay and heartworm treatment.

Giant needles in my spine? Game on! Bring it on, heartworms. I’m gonna destroy you! High five!

42 responses

  1. I’ve been thinking about Snickerdoodle and how he’s doing. After reading your post about his diagnosis and treatment, I’ve become even more vigilant about Georgia’s monthly heartworm prevention. Good luck boy! Big hugs to everyone x

  2. Snickerdoodle looks so healthy…..let’s hope all goes well getting his interior as healthy as his exterior. I’ll be thinking about him and praying for his complete recovery. Die, heartworms, die!! Good luck, buddy!!

  3. the pictures you take make me cry happy tears… THIS is what animals are for – love, companionship and shared joy. what compels certain others to think otherwise, I’ll never know. virtual hugs, kisses and cuddles to Doodlebug who steals my heart every time 🙂

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