What they really said

It seems that long, long before foster dad and I started seriously talking about making the Dude a perma-dog in our house, the boys were already plotting. Here’s evidence from January 17 — just two weeks after the Dude’s arrival:

"I think I'd like for you to be my foreverdog"

I think I'd like for you to be my foreverdog too . . .

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  1. Seriously because i read your blog at work i have to keep my self from squealing aloud when i see posts like this :)…it makes my heart sing!

  2. awww, so happy for you all. I think the Dude will be a perfect foster family addition. Won’t it be wonderful when these two can actually really kick it like homies and romp? Hoping the rest of the Dude’s recovery time goes quickly so you can throw a party.

  3. Love this!! We just adopted a year old pup to add to our almost 10 year old girl, and its been…challenging. Let me tell you though, we appreciate our girl soooo much more now. She is just the perfect dog in our eyes, and we continue to see just how hard it is to find the right match for the 3 of us (plus the cat)

  4. When Chick told you he loves dudes, he wasn’t kidding!! So happy that you listened to him. They are such a cute twosome. We need a family portrait, please!!

  5. I love seeing these two together, they are so comfortable and relaxed with each other. They both have such expressive faces which you capture so well. Yes, a family portrait would be wonderful!

  6. They are such a perfect fit! But I hope this doesn’t mean you won’t keep up this blog! I look so forward to it every day – I think we all want to keep up with you and the boys! 🙂

  7. Sant incantata de ceea ce faceti. Spun acest lucru,deoarece ador animalele,in mod special cainii.Am un catel de 4ani ,rasa Golden Retriever,il cheama Athos,este alb si foarte inteligent.Prin urmare ,admir ceea ce faceti.succes. Ina

  8. Soooooo happy for your family & Dude, yet I still feel a little sadness b/c so many wonderful Pitties will lose out on a great foster home.

  9. While back in San Francisco last week, I had lunch with the friend there who turned me onto your blog, and we talked about how sure we were that The Dude wasn’t going anywhere. So happy to see that he and Chick get to continue enjoying each other’s company.

  10. Ok so I can hardly see to type this with the tears of joy and happiness runniing down my face I love your blog and your dogs so much and loopk forward to their updates and pictures. How is the Dude healing up after those awful shots? You are my heroes.

  11. Since Chick’s first post about him (“I am white with browns; he is brown with whites”) I just couldn’t help but hope they would be together forever. After the heartworm diagnosis, I was rooting for the Dude even more. This was like getting the ending you want to a movie you’ve never seen, or you’re team winning a championship. I’m so happy for you.

  12. I am new to your blog and I love it! can’t wait to follow you story. Here is to kicking those bad heart worms right out of your baby!

  13. I love your blog. i work at the humane society in my town during the summer teaching humane education through their kids camps and I love when I have kids come up to me and say that they are going to start fostering with their family. its an incredible thing to open up the minds of some people who are otherwise ignorant about rescue dogs.

    You are doing great things! I love your posts!


  14. why do your posts always make me cry? crying in joy? crying in sadness (because some humans can be so mean). but today i’m crying in a joyful way because Chick has chosen his dude. what joyful news! DC misses you but i’m so happy that Chick has found his “soul mate” out west 🙂

  15. This makes me so happy and sad at the same time! Happy because they are so beautiful, but sad because unfortunately where I am from these dogs are deemed “dangerous” and are being put down without a second thought. They are being punished without having had done anything wrong! You two boys look so happy, so harmless! So beautiful! 🙂

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