Pocket Petunia’s big adventure!

Remember Pocket Petunia from Love-A-Bull, our flash foster who we placed in an amazing foster home a couple of weeks ago? Well boy has she been having some big adventures!

Yesterday I joined Petunia and her foster mama at an Austin area elementary school for a Healing Species Dogs of Character assembly, in which little Peety was one of the stars! Healing Species is an award-winning, evidence-based character education program that brings rescue dogs into schools to talk to kids about issues that are otherwise hard to discuss effectively. Children learn about rescue dogs in general, and the story of each participating dog is told — along with a theme that the kids can apply to their own lives.

Some folks may have read about Healing Species Texas’ Director Joy Southard on our friend Jackie’s blog last fall. Jackie connected us with Joy, knowing we would have a lot in common. When Joy let us know that she was bringing her amazing program to Austin and needed a child-loving dog with a great story, I immediately thought of little Peety. And as serendipity would have it, Peety’s human foster brother goes to the very school where the assembly was going to be presented!

First thing in the morning, I met the Healing Species Texas team, including little Jackie O — who teaches kids about being nice to the new kid and not judging those who are different:

And Quincy — who teaches kids about speaking out if you’re being bullied or abused, and not giving up until somebody helps:

Little Petunia had her own lesson to teach — about how sometimes people are shy or scared in new situations because of bad things that have happened to them in the past, and it’s important to be kind and accepting to them — and it’s important for them to try to be brave and overcome their fears.

Pocket Petunia did great all in all, even though this was her first time in a big noisy, crowded building. The girl adores children, but 200 of them is more than even she knows what to do with. She was a little shy, but acted very sweetly with the kids who came up after the assembly to pet her.

After the assembly was through, Petunia was ready for a nap — it’s hard work, being so sweet and cute!

For info on adopting Pocket Petunia from Love-A-Bull, click here.

For info on bringing Healing Species Texas to your local school or other facility, click here.

20 responses

  1. Fantastic program! Everyone – adults and children – could learn a lot from a program such as this. Petunia is a cutie…..and a great ambassador for her breed!!

  2. Oh my goodness! I am so happy that you and Joy were able to connect.

    Look at all of those lovely kids in the audience getting the message. And dear, sweet Quincy and Jackie O!

    Healing Species is such an important program. The dogs have a power to reach kids in a way that is so powerful and lasting.

  3. What an awesome program! Looks like she did wonderful, and no doubt she was tired, so much to take in! It is great there are programs like that out there, it is amazing what kids can learn when dogs are in the picture, much more is probably retained too.
    Thanks for sharing

    PS… gave you the Versatile Blogger award. I know you are busy, and I don’t expect you to share, but I thought you deserved the recognition. I love your blog and what you two do.

  4. My favorite photo is Jennifer’s son comforting Petunia on stage. He loves this pup so much and understands what she needs to feel safe. Amazing, beautiful photos Aleks. Thank you so much for your help, support and introduction to Jennifer, Marybeth and Petunia. The program is a lot of work and the pups deserve a ton of the credit. She is a love. She was loved yesterday by over 500 kids.

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