Out-of-town escape!

We’re headed out of town!

The boys have packed up their backpacks and their tiny guitar, and they’re ready for our adventure. We’re heading out to Fredericksburg Texas with the boys’ grandparents — we’ll be doing some hiking, some relaxing, some stargazing, and some front porch sitting. We’ll be so far out there that we won’t even have the interwebs, so we’ll see y’all back on Wednesday!

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  1. Dude: “Whoa Chick, you sure I’m posed to have my butt up here and my handy- paws down there? It feels funny.”
    Chick: ” Just do what I’m doing and you’ll be fine my brother. I like that, ya know that you’re like my real brother and all that.”

  2. How do you guys like your day/hiking dog pack? I’ve been looking at getting my mister one, just so he can burn more energy on the hikes we go on. What brand, where you got it, if you like it??

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