Chix-A-Lot Friday: Adios, fostering!

Mama says some of you are feeling happy/sad about my decision to keep the Dude for myself. But I’m here to tell you: that’s just plain silly! Not the happy part — that part is spot on.  But the sad part? You need to turn that frown upside down!

Instead of being sad that we’re saying sayonara to constant fostering, let’s celebrate all of the foster dogs who have been obsessed with me shared my home! I will lead you in a rundown. Once we’re through, you’ll see how very hard I had to work all this time and how very much I deserve my very own dog a break from fostering. Just look how tired I am.

First, we had Lollie Fartypants Wonderdog. Obviously, she was obsessed with me. She was also a pushy broad, which is NOT my favorite kind of broad. Still, I was a very good boy and tolerated her quite well. I also had to teach her about potty training, wearing red hoodies, and not escaping from the back yard. I did great on all of those except the last one. Her new family even changed her name from Lollie to Lily hoping that an identity switch would make her not climb fences anymore, but no — when they built an 8-foot fence, she climbed right over it! You can see why I had such a face of worry whenever I posed with Lollie Fartypants. I was concerned about her extreme athletic abilities!

Then was an energetic youngster named Gonzo Bunny-Ears. He was a whole lot of dog wrapped up into a tiny, 35-pound body. My dad called him “a cinder block covered in fur.” He was obsessed with me too. When mama got him from the rescue he was pretty mucha ready-to-go house pet, but I did teach him a thing or two. First, I taught him about not sitting in forbidden chairs. Then, I taught him how to eat his veggies. Then, I taught him how to properly share a dog bed with a larger dog. I am a smart Chick for teaching him that last one, because he went and adopted himself a 95 pound Presa Canario sister. Smart, smart, smart.

Ok. After that, we had two quickies, TANK and Baby Blue. They weren’t even here long enough for me to get to properly know them, so I didn’t get to teach them much. But I did love that TANK guy’s cool ears, and what a big gentle giant he seemed to be.

Then we got Stevie-the-spaz Wonder. And yes, you guessed it. She was obsessed with me too. She was a crazy oversized puppy, but I kinda did like her. Mostly it was her tiger-stripes that got me. I have tiger-stripes on my beautiful brown brindle patched furs, but Stevie had brindles all over her body, and I really respect that in a dog! My first task with the tiger-lady was to help her learn to relax and not be so scared of everything. And as if that wasn’t enough work, my next task was to teach her to relax and not be so spazzy! I did both of these feets feats by occasionally allowing her to snuggle on me, which did seem to chill her out. But I guess I did too good of a job helping her get out of that shell she was in, because once she climbed out of that shell, she couldn’t stop partying! Luckily her little human brother Henry loves to party too and her mama loves to throw the tennis ball, which is not-quite-but-almost-as-good-as snuggling on me for chilling her out.

Ok. After Stevie-girl, we had somebody called Little Zee. Would you believe mama never did let me meet her? She was an elderbull like me, and from the stories I’ve heard and the photos I’ve seen, boy oh boy is she a hot little granny. Mama said something about her brain working funny because of something probably happening to her when she was a young lass. Mama said it made her walk funny and it made her be really scared of other dogs — even handsome devils like myself! So the whole time she was living at my house, we were never together. I pined and pined after her, and I was so inspired by her beauty that I even let her wear my special necklace charm — the one that says “Chick” on it. And you can just imagine how tough it was for me to be separated from such a pretty old gal in my own home. Luckily mama didn’t let me get too lonely, and did give me plenty of puzzles and busy-toys to keep me happy.

Well Zee walked out the door one day, and the next day in walked Curious Georgia, maybe my favorite foster of them all except of course for my former foster and future forever brother, Doodlebug. Curious G wasn’t as hard for me to train as the other dogs. You see, she is a lady of mature age as well, so she enjoys the more refined things in life just like I do — laying in the sunspots, appreciating good arts, licking peanut butters off a spoon, and cuddling up together on the Stevie-chair.

So then Mama gave me the big news — that we’re moving back to Texas! I started digging out my cowdog boots and pearl snap shirts, and secretly rejoicing: no more fosters! Surely mama can’t make me foster any dogs while we’re moving . . . right?

Boy was I wrong.

Dora the Explorer showed up just about a week after we got to our new house. I had barely had a chance to sniff every inch of the back yard and give the free-range chickens next door a good barking before she walked in. And remember how I said that Lollie Wonderdog was a real pushy broad? Well that was NOTHING compared to Dora the Explorer, who was just stone cold nuts about me! And she not only stole one of my red hoodies without permission, but jeez, she was always staring at me in the house — like she couldn’t get enough of my rugged good looks! Well after a couple of weeks of that, I told mama: that’s enough! I am only putting up with this Dora-bull if you promise no more fosters! Or at least, no more girl fosters. Mama said OK. So I put on my big brother face and bravely withstood her starings for quite a number of weeks. I taught her enough cutenesses to get herself adopted, and I sent her off on New Year’s Day.

Well I had just gotten myself a tall pour of bourbon and taken a deep breath after she left, when there was another knock at the door. I gave my mama the stink-eye when I learned that it was another foster dog! But then he walked in, and it wasn’t just another foster, it was my Dude.

And you all know how that story goes.

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64 responses

  1. Great post! Looking back like that should sure make you happy for all the good you 3 have done! I hadn’t really considered how tough fostering must be on Chick…poor guy. Welcome home, Doodlebug!

  2. This is the first time I’ve seen the news really confirmed, and I squealed a little. Hooray! And then of course showed my wife all the back pictures. So happy for you guys! As a foster-parent-turned-second-dog-owner, I can say there are definitely sad parts to not fostering, but so much joy in having two dogs! Congratulations to your whole family.

    (as an aside, we briefly discussed fostering a third dog last week. It’s a no-go, but also something I thought would never happen when we adopted Fae…)

  3. This post made my day. Looking forward to reading about all the adventures of Chick and Dude. Imagine the things they’ll do once Dude gets his clean bill of health and is ready to rumble!

  4. Chick, just promise all of us that you will update us occasionally. Maybe mama can take some pictures and you can tell us the story behind them?? I’m so happy for you and the Dude. And your mama and daddy, too!!!!

  5. I am so Happy for you…What a Fantastic story! I’m Very Happy for both Dogs! Thank God …They Both Have a Forever Home Together…..
    I Enjoy hearing so much about these dogs……..Keep up the good work….
    Love You Guys

  6. Chick I always look forward to your mama stories but yous has topped them all. So happy for you Chickster. A happy ending to a happy story!

  7. TGIF and what great news! We are so happy for you! We love your blog so much and all the photographs you post, the camera surely loves your furry best friends! All the best to you!

  8. That last photo says it all. 🙂 You guys helped some wonderful dogs find their forever homes and now the Dude has found his. We’re so happy for all of you!

  9. Closing one chapter just opens up the next… What an exciting ride this fostering has been for you guys! Chick earned his new dog, loud and clear. We can’t wait to see what this next chapter brings.
    Love from Bmore.

  10. Chick, I for one, am just happy happy for you guys. Having a selective elderbulle of my own, I can sympathize with how hard it has been for you to mentor so many foster siblings. We at the Pelham household are happy you have found your furever dog. We are happy for your parents too. As the mom of that same elderbulle, I know how good it feels to see your pup comfortable and happy with his/her sibling. Very happy for your whole family. Not to mention Doodle is one lucky lucky boy!

  11. Congratulations on your own dog Snickerdoodle, Chick! I really enjoy and chuckle (in a good way) at your stories – today, you succinctly and clearly summed up your experience with all your fosters. Aaahh, now for some time with your Dude as you help him get well are ready to party (or not) with you for life.

  12. I really love your blog, and because of it, we are beginning our fostering of dogs tomorrow – Saturday! We will be fostering English Setters through ACES (Another Chance English Setters), and one part of our journey was being inspired by your blog. So, consider us your replacement, and enjoy Chick as your own!

  13. Congratulations, Chick. You deserve Dude, and Dude deserves you. May you live a long and happy life together.

    P.S. I hope your Mom and Dad will still keep the blog going. I don’t want to lose you. And, I want to make sure Dude recovers from the heart-worms.

  14. So very exciting. I adore your pictures. please Please PLEASE keep the blog going… I look forward to it every morning… I am sure you will have many other life adventures with the two dogs that all of us can learn from!

  15. I am so happy for your whole family! It’s going to be a big change but I trust you and know you have made the right decision. The Dude just belongs in your home. That’s just how things are meant to be.


  16. Amazing story! I only recently found this blog and I love it, I hope you’ll keep it going. It gives me hope and it helps keep my promise to myself alive (that I will start fostering or at least adopting once I acquire a stable job and home).

  17. Chick I’m not going to lie to you I’m going to miss the ongoing foster parade but I can seriously see why you wanted to keep the Dude. He is truly Dude-icious. Congratulations on your new brother!

  18. Chick, you are one amazing foster brother and your parents must be so proud, it has been an absolute pleasure to read about you and all the good work that your family has done with foster dogs. Congratulations on the new addition to your family, I can’t wait to see what happens next 🙂

  19. What a beautiful, special group of dogs you have helped find their forever home. I enjoyed going through that journey with you via the blog. This is one of my favorite editions! Congrats Chick and Dude! Are those the best dog names ever or what?

  20. This was a great post. I hope you continue to blog of your new family adventures. This was one of those heart-warmers.
    I look forward to new posts from you in the future! No more fosters! Maybe Chick can teach the dude how to write blog posts. 😉

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