Chix-a-Lot Friday: Who you callin’ grumpy?

Well apparently it’s come to the attention of certain people that I can be a bit of a grump. Humph.

Well I may be a little grumpy now and then, but I know who my friends are. My friends are the people who, rather than thinking of my moodiness as a flaw, celebrate it. Like my friend Burns. She loves grumps, including me. She loves them so much, in fact, that for the past couple of years she has taken to knitting these cute little dinosaurs called Grumpasauruses. My mama and I love them because they are both cute and grumpy, just like myself.

Well Burns must have known how well I identify with her Grumps, because the other day we got a package in the mail from her, and what was inside? A mini-me, a Chick Grumpasaurus! Isn’t he awesome?

The minute he arrived, I had to check him out thoroughly, and I was impressed.

He’s got my spots, my brown tail with a white tip, my grumpy expression, my squinty eyes, and even my famous Chick ears! Just look how much we are alike:

I asked mama if I could keep him for myself — since obviously he was a gift for me — but she said no, that she was afraid that the Dude and I would want to play with him and accidentally hurt him. Well what she didn’t realize is that she hurt me by accusing me of such sad things! I told her as much, and we compromised — she let me take a little nap with him and practice balancing him on my head, and then he retired to his very own spot on our mantle, where he will watch over us every day. Mama says we can even feed him my potato and duck kibbles every now and then so he doesn’t get hungry up there!

Thank you for loving us grumps so well, Burns!

33 responses

  1. Grumapasaurus is awesome!

    Have you ever seen the Surly Lump character by Nut & Bee? It is just a little lump that always says “meh.” It’s completely adorable….like Chick!

  2. Awesome pics! I’m so glad Chick likes his g-saurus. Everyone needs a little cranky dinosaur to make them smile.

  3. I LOVE the pics you take, you truly have a gift of amazing dogs and photography talent. I would like to say that Chix a lot Fridays are my favorite posts, but i really can’t choose, I love them all!!

    And now I would like my very own Grumpasarus for our old girl!

  4. What a great pick-me-up post for a Friday! This is adorable and hilarious. Those Grumpasaures are awesome–I will have to check out her site.

  5. Awesome pictures! Your friend’s knitting skills are also awesome! I’m passing on the link to one of my knitting friends…I can only crochet, and my things don’t come out nearly so polished looking.

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