Published! Our cover piece in the Virginia-Maryland Dog Magazine

We’re excited to share our first real publication — the cover story for the up-and-coming regional pet mag, The Virginia-Maryland Dog! The publication is in its first year, but is already distributed to thousands of dog-loving households in the greater Maryland / Virginia region, and it’s gaining momentum as it goes.

I was wicked-flattered when I was asked to write a story about dog rescue in the DC area and our own personal involvement, and got chills when I learned that the article was to be a cover piece. Holy cow!

Handsome formerly-adoptable Baxter of MCHS and Jasmine’s House got to be the cover boy, but our very own first foster — Lollie Wonderdog —  also got her moment in the sun:

Naturally I focused the piece on the stories of three fantastic pit bull type dogs, even though it was meant to be about rescue in general, not pit bull dogs in particular. What can I say — I just can’t help myself. Luckily, the magazine editors didn’t seem to mind, and our story ran.

For those who don’t live in the DC area and can’t immediately go scoop up their own print copy, here’s the intro to the piece:

When Catalina Stirling of Jasmine’s House Rescue heard about Baxter, she knew he was coming with her. Baxter had arrived at the Montgomery County Humane Society last June with a body covered in bruises and bald patches. He was emaciated, his eyes were bloodshot, his ears were swollen and red, and there were scars all over his body. He had gingivitis, irritated skin, and a serious case of Demodex mange. He was too weak and frightened to even stand up on his own. In short, he was hardly the average person’s idea of a ready-to-go adoptable pet. But that was exactly why Jasmine’s House wanted Baxter.

Every day, rescue workers across the country comb shelters for dogs like Baxter. To the trained eye, they are easy to identify. Gentle and uncertain, they are staff favorites who are often branded with the tell-tale physical and behavioral signs of a difficult life left behind. The average adopter passes by these dogs in favor of the springy, effervescent dogs in neighboring kennels, but rescue workers are in on a little secret– the dogs hiding in the shadows at the back of the kennel, too uncertain to make eye contact, can be exceptional family pets.

For the whole story, visit the Virginia-Maryland Dog magazine website and click on “digital edition” on the righthand side. We’re on page 12!

21 responses

  1. Congratulations! Truly though, your writing is a pleasure to read – informative, heartfelt, concise and entertaining! That’s why I subscribe to your blog and look forward to your posts each morning. It was really only a matter of time.

  2. Kudos to you for being published! That is truly awesome and a great accomplishment! Nikita, our dog, almost had her shot at fame last year in Cleveland Magazine, but because they had low advertising ads, they could not publish her story about how she was rescued by the APL and saved her life. Bummer!

    This year, we are helping raise funds for the APL who rescued Nikita in their annual fundraiser called Pledge For Pets: Doggy Dollars & Kitty Kash. If anyone would like to help the neglected & abused animals in need you can donate here:

    CONGRATS again on being published, I hope you framed the article to show off this amazing accomplishment! Woof Woof!

  3. unbelievable love and congrats to you and all the other special people out there taking care of animals. I am typing this with the help of my little rescue kitten, Ozzy, who has brought such happiness to my life after the loss of all of my animals last year. I admire you so much, and look forward to your blog every day, especially the pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Congratulations! Excellent article. 🙂 I’ve been following your blog for over a year now and must say that your fostering inspired my own. Thank you for taking your passion “public.” I’m not sure I would have ventured down the foster path without your having led the way so eloquently.

  5. A wonderful, well written article on having a well rounded foster / rescue program. So many dogs can benefit and so many people know little about them. What a great way to introduce the idea to the masses!

  6. Fantastic article and BEAUTIFUL pictures! Thank you so much for sharing! And the best news is that Baxter found his forever home and his forever sister, Miss Piggy. He’s such a sweet, handsome boy. (PS – don’t let Chick & Dude read that last part…they’re both incredibly handsome as well)

  7. Congratulations! What a great article and what an important contribution foster homes make for the future of so many dogs.

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