The mower

The other evening, the boys were outside in their natural habitat, hunting for bugs and eating the tall prairie grasses in our yard . . .

But then, just as they were getting the most satisfying of nibbles on the most succulent of prairie grasses . . .

A jarring disruption occurred . . .

It was the daddyman, celebarting Daylight Savings Time with his new reel-mower:

The newly mowed grass sure looked nice, but it made for some sad, sad Chickerdoodles!

18 responses

  1. They have the most expressive faces! We have yet to bust out the mower this spring, but when we do, Turk will chase it around telling it to go away and Rufus will bark at it from the safety of the deck. The mower causes quite a ruckus at our house!

  2. What sweet pictures. I have to put my new reel mower together this weekend and get it working on my yard (I hesitate to say grass because it’s mostly weeds that I mow).

  3. Ah, the signs of Spring have sprung with the first site of a mower! These photographs are awesome! Nikita, our dog, was in the backyard yesterday when we had reached 70 degrees here in Cleveland (yeah, I know, this is not a normal temp for us at this time of the year) and we were trying to get some good photographs of her chasing bubbles. But, it was hard to hold her on the leash, blow the bubbles, and try to focus the camera at the same time – might need some help with this one!

  4. Also, I forgot to mention that Nikita is trying to help raise funds for the APL where we adopted her from. This is the APL’s annual fundraiser called Pledge For Pets: Doggy Dollars & Kitty Kash. If anyone would like to donate to help the neglected and abused animals, that would be great! PASS THIS link along to all you know to help us raise donations for the APL. Here is the link:

    Your donation can help save an animals life today! Thank You, woof woof!

  5. Our dogs love grass too!! We had to plant a lot in the backyard when we moved in 2 years ago, and apparently we picked the yummiest kind. They love to chomp down on it, so we tend to leave some patches for them to graze on 🙂

  6. Today’s entry reminds me of the internet meme that was popular for awhile called “dogfort”. It was basically a military conflict between cats and dogs done in a comic book style but it would say things like “a jarring disruption ocurred…” and it would show a picture of one of the dogs or cats looking surprised or whatever…it sounds stupid but it was hysterical and now I have a feeling that I am going to waste part of my day looking at dogfort comics on the internet. Miss you guys!

  7. Hey! Is that what you call that kind of mower? A reel mower? A real mower? I have one of those. I call it — old-fashioned. Green. Off the grid. I’m proud of it. It doesn’t cut very well. We grow em big n tall over here in Arkansas.

  8. That’s how my dog looks at the vacuum cleaner right before I turn it on. Then he goes ballistic! I have a video of it somewhere. I always wonder why dogs love to eat grass. Heard a few reasons…

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