Chix-A-Lot Friday: My new thundershirt

I got a new thundershirt, and I’ve got it on under this here blanket in this photo:

If you look real close, you can even see it:

That’s right, it’s not an actual thundershirt, it’s my brother the Doodlebug!

I turn into a little trembling fraidy-dog when the sky goes rumble-rumble and crackly-split, but my Dude is solid as a rock. He doesn’t care about the thunders at all! I used to jump right into the bed with mama and dad when the sky got angry with me, but now I have a new solution.

I convince the Dude to dig up the blanket that normally covers the Dora, and then we start wiggling our way underneath so we can be protected by its soft, blue wonderfulness. Normally we don’t really get the whole way there — our heads get under, but our butts and matching tails and little hind bunny-legs stay sticking out. Sometimes mama walks in at that point, and after she’s done laughing, she will sometimes take pity and cover us up.

And I gotta say — ever since the Dude came along, I’m not so dready about the thunders anymore!

Has anybody else tried using their brother as a thundershirt?

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  1. Wow! Soooo cute! Thunder isn’t our problem here, but Arwen has sep. anxiety. When she was left home alone, it was awful. Being with another dog helped this and ever since, we’ve had a 2nd (and now a 3rd dog). We joke that we got Arwen a dog of her own!

  2. Love the thunder shirt. We get some whoppers in VA. The shirt has made a difference in the way Quizz handles the thunder bumpers. He still is a tad anxious, but he and Charlie, the cat, become brothers in arms (literally) during the storms.

  3. No doubt your mama and dad made the right decision when they decided to make the Dude your forever brother. He is the perfect companion for you!! Just love how the two of you cuddle!! Great way to start my day….thank you, Chick!!

  4. This warms my heart so. I only wish my pittie would be a cuddler. My rescue puppy mill Jack Russell has tried every single day since she’s been with us to get all up in his arms to cuddle and he only growls when she gets in his space. He will play with her and share the house, the yard, the car, but cuddling is off the menu! So sad cause when it’s windy I have to put on his thundershirt….if he only knew, she’s much more convenient!

  5. I am pretty sure Chick and the Dude are soulmates. I don’t know if there is anything cuter. Glad he found a solution to his thunderstorm anxiety!

  6. This post is one of the sweetest things I’ve ever read. Chick & the Dude were totally meant to be together.

  7. awww, so adorable – brotherly love 🙂 Dogs cuddling in blankets – possibly the cutest thing ever!
    Gwynn doesn’t seem even slightly bothered by thunder and lightning, which is good, because the first time he experienced it with me, we were about 4 blocks from the house on a poorly timed walk (i swear, it didn’t look like it would rain 20 minutes earlier, let alone storm!), so it could have all gone south.

  8. This is so ridiculously cute! I’m so happy the Dude failed fostering and passed becoming a permanent family member!

  9. Who would have ever thunk?! How awesome that Snickerdoodle is such a comfort to Chick. We almost never get thunderstorms around here, which is sad because I love them. Cabana doesn’t seem to care one way or another about them.

  10. That’s got to be the best thunder shirt ever! My dogs aren’t bothered by thunder but they do cling together when they sense it’s bath time. Those pictures are precious, and so are Chick and the Dude. You made my day with your post!

  11. These two were just made for each other. I would have loved to see a shot of their little butts sticking out of the blanket! 🙂

  12. I love the last picture! I’m glad Chick has a brother to help in storms. My fiancee has a pit mix who loves to snuggle, I hope one day we find him a sibling, and that they have a bond like these two!

  13. What a great little brother that Dude is. Being so calm and grown up. Our Bella hates the thunder too, but luckly for us that only happens maybe 3 or 4 times a year. Her brothers don’t help her out much either. Chick is so lucky.

  14. I love this blog. I’ve been reading it every day since I saw the picture of Chick from another site (he looks very similarly like our dog Maddy). Just wanted to let you know — love, love you guys.

  15. this two are so ridiculously cute together. i’ve been thinking about it a bit and i think that your family really shows one of the advantages of fostering. i know that you have really had some tough moments along the way and chick and the other fosters have have not always been perfect matches. but your generosity also turned into your own ability to “test” drive other dogs until you found chick’s perfect forever brother.

    yet another reason that fostering is such a wonderful opportunity for everyone involved!

  16. This is probably the cutest thing ever! Brothers make excellent thundershirts! Your stories are giving me more and more reason to want to adopt a brother for my Weezy 🙂

  17. We love these photos!
    DiDi: I try to use Bella as a thundershirt. Sometimes it works. My humans bought me a real thundershirt because I get scared at night. It looked good on me but I’d rather snuggle with someone to ease my nerves.

  18. Hi – I’m curious, do you have any experience with the thundershirt? My Pit, Bella, has a lot of anxiety issues and I’m considering buying one. I’d love to hear anyone’s experience with it.

  19. I tried the thundershirt for issues that were non-thunder related….and they didn’t help those issues at all for him. I’ve seen it really work with some dogs…I’ve never seen them so changed that it was “fine” but their freakout went from an 8 to a 5…which to me would be worth it!

    Now in reference to this blog post….I can’t handle the cute.

  20. I’m not afraid of the thunder but my Auntie Wendy has a little pittie girl that is terrified. It’s very sad. This story just goes to prove that the Chick and the Dude were meant to be together. I’m so happy they found one another.

  21. I love reading about Chick and the Dude, your photos of them say so much and it is adorable that they take comfort in each other. Until now I didn’t even know what a Thundershirt was, will have to see if they are available in Australia.

  22. I love how Dude will protect Chick in a thunderstorm. What a good big brother. Great pictures of them hiding under the Thundershirt. when I was looking at the first picture I never would have thought they were both under it. Thanks for sharing. It is always fun reading about them both and the wonderful pictures of them.

  23. It’s the silliest thing, but I’m the one who needs a thundershirt! Around here there’s no telling when a huge lightning storm is on its way, but once it’s here, it goes all-out scary. While I’m trembling in the corner, it’s my Aussie, Beckham, who comes around to comfort me. Compared to dogs who I hear will tear up the house or hide under beds for hours, Beckham is so calm and unbothered. Next time that black sky comes over, I’ll tuck myself into a blanket with him and he can protect me. For someone with three human brothers, I think it’s funny that the best one of the bunch for these sort of things is the four-legger.

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