The World’s Slowest Agili-dog

We’ve been waiting for months for a superlative that suits Dude (Chick’s is the World’s Cuddliest Heartthrob), and a couple weekends ago at Canine Camp we came upon it: World’s Slowest Agilidog!

It’s not that Doodlebug didn’t get the hang of the equipment when we introduced him to it, it’s just that he thought it would be much more pleasant to be an agili-dog in the 90 degree sun if he took his sweet-ass time. And so he took to the tunnels, catwalks, and jumps in the true style of The Dude: takin’ er easy.

Here’s evidence. See exhibit “A” below, of Dude bravely conquering the walk:

Now see Dude, 15 minutes later, still on the same walk. No, he hadn’t stopped for a nap or to enjoy a good sniff of the fresh Kerrville air, he’s just this slow:

He took this same speediness to the tunnel. Here is a photo of him finally getting to the other end of the tunnel, which he had been bravely trekking through for days. Notice how skinny and hungry both he and B look:

In the end, Doodlebug decided that perhaps agili-dog work was not for him, and he was better off as a spectator:

Plus, he had to save his energy for his true calling, lure coursing!

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  1. Our first Great Dane, Diamond, was exactly like the Dude, except that Diamond never stepped into an agility arena. His “come to Jesus” moment was obedience school and his stellar moment was the “recall” where he would contemplate “the offer” for about 5 minutes before he would take another 10 minutes to leisurely stroll, in a meandering path, to where I stood waiting for him on the other side of the room.

  2. Too funny! Love the pic of Dude and his dad laying in the grass….Dude in his “frog” pose! Every dog has his strength….apparently agility isn’t his. LOL Lure coursing….now that looks like a different story!

  3. The Dude is so chill! You gotta respect that. He might not be an agility champ, but he would win the frog model contest, hands down. I have to check out lure crossing for Tommy. He’d love that.

  4. Ooooo lure coursing! Straight lines, nothing but your own paws to trip over- it’s Skye’s dream sport! Good to see the Dude running!

  5. Ok, first of all – he’s too cute for words! And secondly, I had the same exact experience with my Rufus, haha. He totally got the equipment and mastered 99% of it, but his speed just isn’t there…nor will it ever be, and that’s a-ok. We are excited to test his crazy hound prey drive with a lure course soon! I think he would have it in the bag. Can’t wait to read more!

  6. Aww, so funny! I have a sinking feeling that this would happen to my Brittany if we took her to agility. My hound mix? We routinely work on slower her down so she doens’t faceplant off the A-frame. Hah. Love seeing the different personailities come out in pups.

    Speaking of love.. look at that lure coursing shot!

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