Making time

Really, is there anything sweeter than playing with a silly dog on some freshly mowed grass?

Not really. So that’s why we’re officially making time.

We love this little blog of ours, but lately it’s taking up a lot of our real-life-fun time. Time that should be spent outside working our dogs and playing with our dogs — and doing other little things like “laundry” and “cooking” and “reading a book” — is spent sitting in front of a computer, writing and editing and inventing and networking.

It occurred to us the other day that the Chickerdoodles have a big and glorious presence on the interwebs — they are virtual dog celebrities — but their real life lives are less glamorous by comparison. Not fair, right?

So we’re gonna cut back to a few days per week. Chick has already stated that he’s not giving up Chix-A-Lot Fridays —hell no— and knowing us we’ll be posting at least another one or two times per week (since we can’t keep our mouths shut and our fingers still for long). But the every weekday era is on pause for a while, so we can do more of this:

Who’s with us?

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42 responses

  1. I was there a long time ago and still am lol. Life gets in the way of my blog often, it is forced to eb and flow with the changing of client flows around here. Enjoy your hang out time, you deserve it. No doubt it will allow more fun photos too. Oh and enjoy the nice weather for us too, been 40’s or lower here lately with wind and rain. These cold walks in the rain and mud are not too fun.


  2. I feel you! Keeping up a 5-day-a-week blog is a super daunting task! 🙂 Take all the time you need – those pups deserve your undivided attention!

  3. Not a problem. The wonderful couple who run Rolling Dog Farm in NH (formerly in Montana) came to the same conclusion. A seven-days-a-week blog was taking up a lot of time that might be spent more on their dogs and horses. They cut back to three days (M-W-F) and we fans are is still getting enough information to keep us happy.

    It’s not your job to entertain us daily; it’s your job to take care of your creatures. I love your blog and will read it any ol’ time it shows up! Kisses on everyone’s nose.

  4. And to think, I just assumed you were super woman!!
    I have yet to focus and work on my blog due to loving on my pups and daily chores 🙂 I was always wondering what your secret was! Enjoy your life and pups because life is just too short! I will be patiently waiting for that email letting me know that there is a new entry to read!

  5. Totally understand. Those handsome boys really are a top priority. But plz don’t stop Chicks-a-lot Friday! That is my guilty pleasure. Love them, plz pass along some love to them, as we all wish we could do it ourselves. And enjoy the time off.

  6. Sob! I so look forward to reading you every morning on my way to work. But you are right – you need to spend time enjoying your boys – not just writing about them. Enjoy your extra quality time! 🙂

  7. I can totally understand. Am an avid reader of your blog posts each day and look for it in my inbox. Will continue to look for them as they come in. Enjoy the Summer and time with the pups! Thank you for sharing your babies journey with us all! 🙂

  8. I don’t blame you one bit! We’ve never lived by the hard and fast five-days-a-week rule for posting. Don’t wanna get burned out! 🙂 We’ll just be looking forward to your posts that much more when we do get them. Enjoy those sweet boys!

  9. I can Totally understand……I read and I will continue to check my inbox for your Blog… I’ll wait for your post and look forward to reading about your Beautiful Sweet Boys…. Till Then……
    Hugs to all of you…..

  10. Totally down with that! And good for you! A very sane decision. I will keep it as my start page though. I’m always happy to re-read and drool over the pics of the boyz!

  11. Being new to the blog world I thought it was just ‘the rule’ to post everyday. But I am finidng it very difficult as well. I am glad to know that it’s not just me being a ‘newbie.’ Thanks for posting and I’ll still be a loyal follwer, even if I have a few less posts to follow. 🙂

  12. It is very hard to keep up a 5 day blog. I don’t think I’ve ever mastered a full week. It’s summer time!! Time to get out and play in the beautiful weather. Enjoy the time with your boys. They grow up so fast 😉

  13. If you need another reason…Blog experts say it’s better to post sparingly – it’s easier for your readers to keep up and not need to check in as often. 1-3x a week.


  14. You’ve definitely earned a pared-down update schedule! It’s easy to want to go out and spend time when the weather is lovely. I hope you enjoy it!

  15. Great plan, as much as I love seeing all the beautiful photos of Chickerdoodles and reading about their lives it is more important to be out there living with them than sitting in front of a computer. Enjoy yourselves!

  16. Reading your blog at 6am every day always starts my day off feeling happy. I so look forward to it – love your writing and photography and of course the boys. I’m so glad you adopted the Dude. You can’t deny true love! Enjoy all of those wonderful gifts you have – you surely deserve it.

  17. Very smart. I have been cutting back here and there as well. I used to blog on such a rigid schedule and I am having much more fun going with the flow. Some days I can’t wait to get typing and others I have to drag myself to the computer. Now that I’ve given myself permission to take breaks when I’m not into it, things have been a lot more fun.

    Enjoy your extra time with the boys!

  18. We hear you! Our blogging time has been cut way back lately, too, because I haven’t had much time to take photos, or really do much beyond work and visiting my grandmother in the hospital and now the rehab center. Tucker is a licensed therapy dog, so he at least has been offered an outlet to expend some energy and get some cuddle time in, but Phoebe is pretty bent these days at the way things have been going. Any free time I have had has been spent walking and playing with the pups, so that doesn’t leave much time for blogging.

    We will miss the daily Chick and Dude updates, but that will make the days when we do get to see their sweet faces even more special!

  19. We already miss reading your daily posts with our morning coffee ~ it is a testament to your writing that I feel so devoted to your dogs without having met them 🙂 Still, it’s hard to begrudge your wanting to be present for life instead of commenting on it. Looking forward to new posts as they come!

  20. My favorite time of day is when I come home from work and play fetch with my two pitties for about an hour…it makes all my stresses from work go away and helps me decompress before I make dinner. It’s lovely! ENJOY!

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