Chix-A-Lot Friday: The month I made the rain come

Mama adopted me in November 2004, and it didn’t rain that day. It didn’t rain the following day either. But the next day, and every day after that for more than a month, it rained. Here’s a tiny photo of brave little me and my mama out in the rain during that wonderful but soggy first month together.

She’s been joking lately that if we get another terrible drought spell in Texas this summer she’s going to have to adopt another dog . . . uh oh. She and I have our paws super full enough with Doodlebug already. I hope she’s not serious!

8 responses

  1. Chick, you haven’t aged at all!! You’re still as handsome as ever. Maybe you should start praying for rain……or making room for a sister or second brother!!

  2. BOL. Chick! Me and Gizmo came to live here in January, 2005. Two male rottweiler puppies who were littermates. Well that winter, as we were learning to “go” outside, L.A. had the most rainfall in over 100 years!! BOL!! Our mom was the Nature’s Miracle and paper towel QUEEN!!! As soon as the rain stopped we got the whole “housebroken” thing. But I still HATE going out in the rain!!


  3. Chick and Doodlebug – please thank your mama for sharing with us! I love your postings. As a dog owner – Bentley, a rescued chocolate lab – I smile every time I read your posts. I appreciate you sharing your training tips and other insights. I am glad you both have a happy, fun and safe home to live in now. I read him your posts from time to time. And have used some of your training tips with him. He is getting better at walking on a leash as a result. Happy weekend and anniversary for finding your new home!

  4. Chix, get Doodlebug to join you do the rain dance! = ) Droughts are no fun. Seems like we (Raleigh area) are in a drought, especially towards the ocean.

    ~ L.

  5. Well idk about austin but san antonio has been getting plenty of rain! Think adopting doodlebug had anything to do with that? 😛

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