Chix-A-Lot Friday: I am Malaysian

Ok, maybe I’m not really. I am actually a Texan. But, I do have the malaise today, and I heard mama say I was Malaysian (or was it malaisin’?).

You see, mama gave me a bath the other day, after she saw a flea taking a joyride on my belly. She said it must be joyride season and whisked me off for some dampening and some scrubbing! Now, I don’t mind the scrubbing so much, but the dampening is not my favorite. Still, I took it like the brave boy that I am, and only gave her the malaisin’ looks a few times:

And then she whisked me out and dried me off, which is very nice but NOT nice enough to make up for all the malaisin’ that the evil spitting snake causes when he spits water at me and makes me dampened.

Well as though taking baths wasn’t malaise-inducing enough, I got a little bit of yeasties in my ear! They make my ear ouchy and a little itchy, and they make me want to shake it all crooked. And, they give me even more of the malaise. Mama says I already had the yeastie malaise before my bath, but I think it’s her fault for putting me in the tub. Don’t dogs get their ears invaded by yeasties after they go swimming or have evil baths?

So Doodlebug and I are laying low this weekend. He is nursing his bald patches and I am nursing my ear, which is now not only yeasty, but gets a vinegar solution swabbed in it twice a day by mama. Yuck!

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  1. Wow sounds like you are having a heck of a time with the texas seasons. Do you think that has something to do with all the changes with your boys? I hope things settle down soon with their bodies, having gone through allergies with Luna, and ear stinkies with both I can sympathize. Thankfully I did not have to clean up the puke Wyatt did this morning as the sweet Mr. already had.

  2. Ear itchies are a the worst and if yeasties get in there too its no fun at all. Boomer has been dealing with that this spring too… the plight of the floppy eared dog!

  3. Poor thing .. my boy Chaos feels your pain , he got a sore ear 2 years ago and I have never seen him so depressed !! As much as he hated his ear drops going in he always stood still for me as if he knew it was fixing him and within a day or two he was back to his happy self , hope you get better soon 🙂 Xx Kel

  4. Poor babies! I love the second picture in this post. It’s so adorable, I can’t even begin to describe it. My Akita only recently got over skin yeast, which had been hanging on for months due to the fact it was being fueled by a testicular tumor. Since his neuter, his skin has cleared up all on his own, and I’m so glad. He was starting to look rather pitiful with his thinning fur. Best wishes for the puppies. I hope they feel better soon!

  5. I’d just read an article that Malaysia was considering sweeping breed bans, and wondered if this was what Mr. Chick was talking about.

    Elka gives me looks like that when she’s getting bathed or otherwise fussed upon. Though she slept through me cutting some nails the other day, an unprecedented event.

  6. Vinegar is the duct tape of the natural world. I swab my dog’s ears with vinegar a couple times a month to keep them fresh. I’ve watched vinegar kill off mange mites in dogs and ringworm in humans. Also, fleas and other insects won’t bite vinegar-treated skin. If only it didn’t smell so bad.

    • Walladog-I love your statement, “Vinegar is the duct tape of the natural world…brilliant!” Vinegar is so inexpensive yet has so many amazing uses. Thanks for the info about using a vinegar swab for the dog’s ears. This use I did not know about and will definitely begin implementing. 🙂

  7. LOL – we are catching up on our blogging – Mom couldn’t find the spot to add her comment!

    Sam fully knows your pain – he is not fond of the dampening either!


  8. Yuck, that’s no fun at all. Those hitchhiking fleas and yeasties better leave you alone. I know the vinegar sucks but if it helps your ears get better so you can go back to playing, it’s all worth it, right?

  9. Oh, poor Chick! You do indeed look Malaysian … or whatever! We feel sorry for you, truly we do! And poor Dude his worms that are not really worms … it sounds like you guys better start looking into air fare to Malaysia. And see if you can get a group rate because when our friends are Malaysian, then we are, too. Solidarity, you know.

  10. You have touched the heart and soul of bathing a Pit Bull. The looks, pouting and misery make it a time neither of us look forward to. Rivers,… creeks with birds in em and Hallelujah!!!she transforms into an aquatic zoomie queen.
    Your photos are exquisite and your ability to capture and share your experiences inspire me and regularly make me laugh. Thank you for sharing your family and your adventures with us all and thank you for all you do for the Pit Bull community.
    Adrienne Clegg
    P4 Pit Bull Propaganda Project

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