Chix-A-Lot Monday: We’re Illin’

The Dude and I, we are illin’.

Or, I should say, I am formerly illin’ and he is still and always illin’.

Remember when we told you about Doodlebug’s ringworms? Well, they seem to be gone, but mama still has to keep covering him in this icky yellow smelly stuff every week! So whether he’s illin’ from the ringworm or illin’ from the yellow stuff, he certainly is ill, poor Dude. When he went to see the allergy dogtor about his balding in patches, she told him it was the ringworm. And the best way to treat the ringworm on a dog is a weekly bath — and it gets worse — followed by a “dip” in something mama calls sulfur-hated lime. I don’t know what that means except that mama mixes some nasty stuff with water to make some watery nasty stuff that’s bright yellow, smells like rotten eggs, and gets poured over my poor little brother every week. Can you imagine? And it gets worse still! After he is poured over (they call it dipping although the only parts of Dude that actually get dipped are his poor little white paws), he has to drip dry. This means no toweling off, no rolling around in the grass, and no zoomies all over the yard with me! And the pourage turns his beautiful white furs totally yellow while it dries. It’s so embarassing. Just look at him:

Only two more weeks, mama says.

As for me, I shouldn’t complain much. While Dude has been dealing with allergitchies, heartworms, ringworms, bacterias in his poo poo hole, and a scary seizure a few weeks ago, all I have had to complain about is a little yeasties in my ears.

When mama took me to the vet for my checkup, the vet told her that one of my lovely Chick ears was a little red and in flames (which is a silly thing to say because there was no fire in my ear), and had some yeasty buildup. I asked mama if we could use my yeasties to brew beer or bake bread, but unfortunately I grew the wrong kind. The doc said that she should swab out my ears with a 50/50 white vinegar and water solution for a few days, and it would clear right up. I do NOT like having q-tips stuck in my ears but I let mama do it because I love her so, and guess what?! My yeasties are all gone! So now the only time I’m shaking my head funny and sideways is when mama gives me a bath with the evil outdoor spitting snake:

Wish us well, and I’ll see you on Friday!

20 responses

  1. I am glad both boys are on the mend… from what I have heard those ringworms are quite a hassle! Hopefully you all don’t manage to catch them, hope the next two weeks fly past. Must be nice to do baths outside lol, I think Luna would die if I tried. We’ll just stick to swimming them in the river I guess, they always come out nice and soft after that.

  2. You and your mama have a way with words!! Hopefully the next 2 weeks pass quickly and your brother, the Dude, is 100% healthy. Looking forward to Friday’s post!

  3. I’m so glad that the yeasties are gone we battle them here in our house from time to time. But, that ringworm is such a pest. Hang in there boys, you’re both looking great!

  4. Poor boys!! That must have been so scary when Dude had a seizure. Praying that all heal quickly. Now off to get the yeasties out of my boy Boon’s ears.

  5. Aww, poor Doodlebug! I hope he gets all better real soon and those nasty visitors go away and not come back! Glad you are better Chick! And, you are so funny at calling the water hose, a “spitting snake”!

    ~ Liliana

  6. You are such a sweet, sympathetic big brother, Chick. You two are so lucky to have such a wonderful, attentive mama who takes such great care of you. I hope you are both 100% in a few short weeks!

  7. Poor Doodlebug, poor you! Your are a FANTASTIC Momma!!! And I read your blog avidly, love it! thank you.

  8. Poor Doodlebug! I always felt so sorry for the poor doggies I had to sulphur dip, when I worked at the vets office. It smells so yucky & then they had to drip dry w/ no warm towels to snuggle in, just like you! Ringworms are evil! Hope you are rid of them soon!

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