Chix-a-Lot Friday: We scream for ice cream

Well as you may know, it’s summer here in Texas. That means we have most of our funs inside in the air conditioning or early in the morning or late in the nighttime or in the lake swimming-style. And sometimes we go in the truck and help mama and dad run their errands. Sometimes their errands are what they call “real” errands, like picking up the dry cleanings and going to the hardware store to look at small shiny things. And sometimes their errands are what they call “fake” errands, like this one.

Mama and dad have a favorite place that makes pagan ice creams (that’s the kind with no eggs and no milk in it). And what do you know, this week they made mama’s favorite flavor, lemon! So all of us people and dogs loaded up into the truck for a little fake errand.

The Dude and I, we were both excited to go to the fake errand place and get some lemon ice creams.

But then we got there and dad went inside to get the ice creams, and when he got back out, he only had two. So we waited patiently, thinking surely he only had two because unlike us dogs, he only has two paws. We figured he would set the first two down and go back inside to get two more. Extra peanut butter on mine please! I requested.

But no. No third and fourth ice creams materialized for me and the Dude! So poor us had to just sit there while mama and dad ate their pagan ice creams and barely let us even have a nibble of their waffle cones. Mama even taunted us with her waffle cone. Just look how delicious it smelled and how mad I was when she did not offer me a big lick:

She let little Doodlebug have a sniff too, and he even almost got a tiny lick on there before she tol him no thank you. But he wasn’t mad like I was. I guess he’s too dumb nice to get mad.

Well when she saw how mad I was, she let us each have a tiny nibble of waffle cone. And let me tell you, it tasted like sugary wonderfulness. It would have been better dipped in fish oil or peanut butters, but it was still pretty good and nice of her to let us have a taste, so we forgave mama for being so mean and not buying us cones of our own. But we sure didn’t take our eyes off that cone.

We also got to pose for portraits and meet some nice strangers. One funny man came out of the pagan ice creams place and saw mama taking our photo, and asked “Are those dogs famous?” And mama said “Actually, yes they are.” Mama said he was trying to be funny, but the joke was on him. We had ourselves a little family snicker about how he doesn’t know the first thing about us Chickerdoodles.

On our way home we took great big naps in our double-dog hammock and daydreamed about ways to convince mama and dad to get us our very own dog cones next time. Sweet dreams and happy weekend, everyone!

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  1. Love these pictures! Can I ask you a question about the dog hammock? I need to get something for my Mariner – Chloe (white boxer) sheds like crazy and of course drools all over the upholstery. The fur ends up all over the car!! LOL Are you happy with the hammock; can the pups sit up and lie down equally well; difficult to install/uninstall? If you love it, I’ll “google” dog hammock and order one. Thank you so much. Give the boys kisses from Chloe – she’s a big fan!

    • Hi Pat, We do like the hammock a lot. The boys used to slide off the seats and could rarely get comfy, but now they can doze or sit in peace, and the car stays nice and clean. if you want I can check the brand on ours when I get home and email it to you.

      Typed by my trained monkey. Please excuse tybos.

  2. Oh, chick! How horrible for you. In mama’s defense, a full cone might upset your tummy, but good boys like you and dude deserve a couple of licks. Better luck next time!

  3. I love how expressive the boys are! I would love to know the brand of the hammock as well…our Shepard mix has a really hard time staying on the seats and usually ends up in a ball (or in extreme cases, a heap!) on the floor.

  4. Chick, you ought to get in touch with Mr B up in Chicago. His mom takes him to a doggie ice cream truck where he lives. Maybe he has some info you can pass on to your mama.

  5. Love those Pictures ! Makes my Heart Happy ! Can you tell me Please How do those Martin gales collars work, Now would they work for a dog that pulls? Although, I wonder because she has tissue damage, from a choker chain before I adopted her. So It’s sometimes hard in deciding what would work. If not then I
    ll keep to the stopping her before she starts to run, she will walk Good with my son, But Not MOM….LOL

  6. I love the hammock too!! Where did you find it?? Can you also use a doggie seat belt with the hammock??

  7. Great post! The Chickerdoodles should suggest to the owner of the pagan ice cream place to make doggie ice cups. Bentley visits the Dairy Godmother in Del Ray, VA and gets doggie ice cream loaded with peanut butter – sometimes banana flavored. But his favorite is peanut butter. They have them all made up in cups and frozen…his mama buys them 10 at a time and $.10 of each cup purchased goes to a local rescue program for dogs. Happy weekend

  8. I raced to the comments section to ask for info on the hammock but now I see I’m not the only one who wants more info – LOL

    I have a very large pit who is afraid to ride in my car and tries to squeeze himself in the very small floorboard of the back seat – to the point that a couple of times I thought he actually wasn’t going to be able to get out again without literally taking out a front seat! It looks like this would be a sure cure for that problem.

  9. If I thought they would actually withstand the trip from hot hot hot Florida, I would mail 2 great big ice cream cones to even hotter Texas for those poor abused Pitties! But since that can’t happen maybe we can take up a collection for the therapy they most likely now need.

  10. I LOVE your blog. I have added you to my blog roll. Mine is actually a garden blog, so I need to add a new category!!! You really have one of the best blogs I’ve ever read. And I read a lot. 🙂
    Thank you

  11. We had pupsicles at the Dog Days event for Hard Luck Hounds a couple of weeks ago. I think they were made with chicken broth & a lump of peanut butter frozen in muffin tins with chewies as the stick… not exactly “ice cream” but perfect for dogs with dairy issues & the dogs loved them!

  12. Ha, too cute! Guys, I’d get you a cone of your own – on your birthdays = )

    Our pack gets ice cream on their birthdays, and they also get to share a Chipotle bowl = )

    I’ve been wondering about a hamock for the car. Although, at this point, there is no point in keeping my car clean – its been the dog car for YEARS! but it may be helpful with our tripawd Sasha. Hmm.

    ~ L.

  13. Love it! We always compromise and the pups get one small scoop of vanilla in a bowl. I am intrigued by the hammock…does this cut back on the dog hair in your car?

  14. That was so sweet! After the dog park, I take Pippa to this yogurt place on our way home…OK, I take myself there too because they have non-dairy for me. The people who work there know us by now & always give her a nice Vanilla yogurt treat! I think she’d bark at me if I didn’t stop there on the way home or maybe I’m just imagining that!

  15. I just made my girls two batches of ice cream: sweet potato (carob) chip and cookie dough pumpkin (recipes will be featured: on Friday [July 27]). So glad the boys forgave you.

    Also, I took Analaigh to her behavior evaluation last night. We are working with John Wadsworth of Companion Dog. I was gobsmacked about his assessment and how utterly wrong I was about my girl.

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