Weekend: Stop Hiding and Enjoy

We always love our friend Kim’s weekend photo documentary posts on Yellow Brick Home, and thought we’d try one of our own this week. And what good timing: this weekend’s motto was: Stop Hiding from Summer and Enjoy. We picked back up on walking to some of our favorite restaurants, shops, and coffee spots in our neighborhood. The boys bravely took on the heat and came along — they seemed to enjoy playing ‘city dog,’ lounging under tables at cafes, enjoying falling crumbs and compliments from strangers.

Swimming was on the menu as well, and we headed out to the Blanco River to read books, listen to crickets, hunt for turtles, and float around in the cool green water. Also on the menu? Spending an evening at one of our favorite bars and meeting somebody’s new pet: a tiny, 6-week-old miniature pot bellied pig named Bacon. Only in Austin.

How was your weekend?

14 responses

  1. Why o why did you have to introduce me to Yellow Brick House?!?! Now I have to delay painting this morning to gaze at her lovely lovely images. GAWD!

    That picture of your man, Doodle and Chick conveys TONS of personality of each. Chick=alert, Man=loving and mellow, Doodle=GAH! HI!

  2. Oh how I LOVE Jo’s and Hotel San Jose….in fact I am currently drinking out of my “Jo’s Traveler”. So blessed to live in Austin. Great pictures!!!

  3. Love Bacon, he is so tiny! Dude and Chick look they are had a great time. Swimming sound great…wish here in Raleigh we could let the dogs swim in creeks or rivers.

    We took a four of our dogs (2 at a time) to swim at Falls Lake and we were told it was no longer allowed as people had been bitten 4 times in a week!

    ~ L.
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