Chix-A-Lot Friday: Living with a teenage Doodlebug

The other day it was nap time, and while I was doing this:

my Doodlebug was doing all this:






And then I changed it up and did this for a while:


And Doodlebug carried on like this:





And then just as I was getting seriously comfortable like this:

He started up with all of this:



I think I’m gonna have mama crate train him so I can finally get some beauty sleep. It’s hard living with a baby Bug!


43 responses

  1. Chick, you are an Olympic sleeper! Between Doodlebug rolling around and mama taking pictures, how did you sleep?! Impressive!

  2. LOL oh my gosh! You have no idea how funny this is, Foster Dad & I were JUST this morning talking about how Cooper & Oscar do exactly this…you can’t pry Oscar out of bed with a forklift in the morning, but as soon as someone stirs the slightest bit, Coop is off to the races, ready to greet the day with the kind of enthusiasm that can only be found in a puppy. Love this post, happy Friday to you and Chickerdoodle!

  3. Oh my goodness! Doodlebug reminds me so much of my Harley! Harley does the exact same thing when it’s “nap time” LOL, except Harley never stays still enough for a picture. He’s always ruining photo ops! LOL

  4. In that next to last picture, I think Doodlebug is giving the little “hehehehe ain’t I a stinker?!?!” smile. Thanks for sharing the pictures and smiles.

  5. Can I just say that I love Fridays….Why? because it’s the weekend??? Well…that’s good too, but the real reason I love Friday is that it’s Chix-a-lot Friday. Once again, my day got better when I heard what Chick had to say today. I will be smiling all day at these boys and the wonderful picture you paint of them with your blog. Tell Chick he doesn’t need beauty sleep….he is already a beautiful boy.

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