Just over a year ago, we started Chick’s popular Chix-a-Lot Friday series. Exactly a year ago, Chick told the story of how he became ours — one of our favorite stories to this day.

Love and a Six-Foot Leash

So I was in the slammer, see. I got brought in for running loose on the town. Pit bull running at large, they said. And so they brought me in. It was an ok place, the slammer. The people gave me my very own room made of fence and concrete, and I had a water bowl full of water, and they would bring food, too. Some of the people who worked there weren’t too sure about me — a pit bull. But there’s this test they give the dogs to decide whether they get to be in the nicer dog hotel in the front where all the people walk by or the sad dog hotel in the back where nobody ever goes except the workers. I knew I had to woo them, and I did. I wooed and wooed, and I got straight A’s on my test. They gave me…

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  1. One of my favourite stories too. 🙂 I am glad you were there at the right time to free him from the slammer. Imagine how different things would be if you hadn’t. The idea is mind boggling.

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