Chix-a-Lot Friday: Dress us in the finest hipster fabrics

Pop quiz. If your mama came home with a couple of yards of this fabric, what would you jump up and down and demand that she make out of it?


Yes. Of course. A dog bed!

And mama loves us so much, that she responded to our jumpings, dusted off her sewing machine, and did just that. She made us two dog bed covers with our friends the Ray Ban deer, and some other friends too. Pretty nice of her, huh?

Only before I had a chance to formally put my butt-stamp of approval on the new beds, my silly little brother stone cold stole them! Look how non-guilty-feeling he looks here!

So I just did what I always do, and sat quietly by looking very pouty and making some loud sighs. I guess I looked very sad, because eventually, Doodlebug did start to feel maybe a little more guilty about stacking our two new beds and using them both for himself:


So being the nice ‘Bug that he is, he shimmied over, spread out the beds, and let me share. Don’t we look better on them, side by side, together?


Well after we tested them out, we oohed and aahed over how lovely they were and how very smart mama must have been for being able to make them all by her lonesome. She said nah, they weren’t that hard (and trust me, that makes sense because mama is NOT a very talented seamstress). She just took the covers off some of our old dog beds, measured them, and made the new covers just like oversized pillow cases. And even we dogs know that pillow cases are just about the easiest thing to sew. In an afternoon, she was done!


We’re not sure about you guys, but we’re going to spend this weekend decorating our house with ourselves and our new dog bed covers. Many, many naps to come!

What are y’all up to this weekend?

19 responses

  1. I have bed envy! My beds are comfy but they are boring solid colors. My mama does not sew at all except for buttons. I know she can sew buttons because that is how she made me a double layer cone of shame. And I was not happy about that at all.

    This weekend we are going to CGC school! I do not know what else we have planned. Maybe nothing, which would be just fine with me.

  2. Your mama is quite the talented seamstress – she shouldn’t sell herself short. Plus she’s got great taste in picking fabrics and combining patterns. You both look adorable on your new beds – especially that last shot. Such brotherly love. 🙂

  3. Oh, you are a spoiled pair of woofers! Me, I’d love to have that deer fabric as a lovely loose summer jacket. Love that final pic with you all lookin’ so innocent… Liked.

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