What’s in a name?

As it turns out, both of our boys have “official names,” which we never use, in addition to “stage names,” by which the public knows them. Along with these, there are a handful of nicknames for each dog, on top of their original shelter names that they left behind when they came home.

Does that make us weirdos?

When we brought home Mr Chick from the Austin shelter in 2004, his name was “Ralphie.” It didn’t suit him. We brainstormed and brainstormed, and eventually settled on a new name: Tyson.


It seemed to suit him at first. He was a young guy, athletic, confident, and charming. Kind of a jock. A “Tyson.”

Only later did he reveal himself to actually be a big, snuggly, sensitive baby — a chicken — and slowly (we don’t even remember how), his “true” name, Chick, emerged.

Until now, relatively few people in Chick’s life have known all of his different names. His grandparents still calls him “Ty” from time to time, as do some of his oldest friends. But to the rest of the world — and to us — he is Chick (or Cheeko or Chickster).

When Doodlebug came into our life, he was a timid, cowering, whimpery, sweet little mess of a dog named “Red.”

“Red” suited him because of his beautiful red furs, but didn’t really capture his darling, sugary personality. We dubbed him “Snickerdoodle” to match both his rich cinnamon color and his sweetness.

Pretty soon though, Snickerdoodle started to show his real self. He is sweet as anything, yes, but he is also a goofy, mellow dude. “Snickerdoodle” became “Doodlebug,” and “Doodlebug” morphed into “Dude,” and sometimes “The Bug.”


Although we know it’s silly for our dogs to have so many different names, we also love how their name chronology lines up with the development of their true selves.

Who else has found themselves with slowly morphing dog names?



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  1. does a morphed name for a cat count aswell?
    our latest addition, at the time a tiny little tabby/spotted kitten with huge ears, came to our home, and we named her Selina. Selina is a very girly name, and it suited her because she was a tiny, elegant girl. soon enough, selina grew and outgrew her name, and slowly we started calling her crazycat or crazykitty, and afterwards, we used to label her as a little monster. one day, we were watching tv, and the character Loki showed up. Loki is the name of the nordic god of mischief. done. that is her true name πŸ™‚
    you can read all about it here: http://brownponytail.wordpress.com/2012/07/02/loki-and-loki/

  2. Somehow our dogs’ personalities match their names perfectly and we only names one of them! The others came with what they had. They worked so well that we kept them. I love this post!

  3. I love that you did a post on this!! I was wondering if my Buzzfeed find would spark some post inspiration!

    Back when I was attempting to write a blog I did a post about nicknames. sheltertaleswithkate.blogspot.com/2011/02/nicknames.html I for one LOVE nicknames. I call my dog Ollie – Bird. Which, as my friend pointed out, is ridiculous because I’m terrified of birds. I love it for him though. Luigi is still Luga Bear and Sofia is now dubbed Big Girl…in the most loving way.

    Thanks for reminding me that I’m not the only one who loves nicknames. Chick and The Bug have great ones!

  4. No it’s not silly at all. I was always curious about where Chick’s name came from.I have so many names for my dog. She came out of the shelter as Reagan, and by the time we could think of a new name that suited her, her real name stuck. So she’s Reagan. But I started calling her Booboo and I can’t remember why. Then Boo for short. Then I moved in with my boyfriend and he started calling her Boozer. That’s what we use most of the time now. in addition to Boozerface, Boozie, Shmoozer. I think the list goes on, but that’s enough to admit for now. Reagan aka Boo aka Boozer. πŸ™‚ I love your posts!

  5. My dog’s shelter name was Hercules. It’s a great name, but it didn’t suit him, so he became Hamlet. I still call him that, but I also call him Hammie, Ham Ham, Hammie Ham, Ham Sandwich, etc. It’s hard not to give them silly nicknames when they have such goofy, happy personalities.

  6. Turk was originally named after a character from “Scrubs,” but when we realized what a scaredy-dog he was, we started referring to him as Turkey. I think it suits him better! I love the development of Dude & Chick’s names! πŸ™‚

  7. Haha! Love this – we are much the same. Our dog’s official names (Jackson, Kasey and Hannah) are rarely used…xcept when they are in trouble! Then, the full name is used. Otherwise it’s one of about 5 nicknames for each of them that slowly progressed over time! They seem to know and respond to them correctly too, so I guess it works πŸ™‚

  8. Hi. Oooo, pet name morphing and alternatives, cool. Two of my goldens have fancy AKC names, I should really make one up for my shelter adoptee, mix also. So, my pup is Hearts of Gold Oliver Honey or Ollie. The other is Hearts of Gold I Da Best Gus (his dam is Ida) or Gus. My shelter girl is Zoe. But just as often, they are Zoe-Zoe, Gus-Gus, or Oll.. I did not know I said Gus-Gus until my friends started using it. And then we have all the other names, as applied to all involved: monkey, sweet pea, sweetie, etc. I think Zoe’s fancy name should be UPAWS Like a Bullet as she is “Zoe Fast”. In fact, my friends started calling her lightning bolt or bullet (we have a lot of dog parties hiking together with our dogs) so sometimes now I call her Bullet.

  9. For me it’s cats. They all have a long series of different names. After one of my cats died, and to help me in my grieving, I listed on a piece of paper all the nicknames I had had for him. I stopped at about 10 or so.

    Since I name my rats alphabetically, they all have an official (alphabetic) name that often morphs or changes into a preferred nickname. Pinky was always Pinky, but his official name was Quincy (pronounced, as it is here in the Boston area, Quinzy).

    With horses, as with AKC dogs, they often have two names: a “show” name and a “barn” name. My favorite was a Mr. Mustard (show name) whose barn name, and the name everyone knew him by, was Dijon.

  10. Thanks for sharing Aleks, I too, have wondering how Sir Chick got his name!

    Our dog came to us from the shelter with the name Addison. We quickly learned that she didn’t fit such a “refined” name because she was so goofy and playful and we started calling her Addie for short.

    As the months went by, Matt and I started referring to her as our “little girl”, which soon turned into calling Addie by Little Girl to her face. Matt and I then shortened that to LG or Little for short. We endearingly call her Little when giving kisses and head pats but break out Addie when we say a command or want her attention. She totally knows her multiple names! πŸ™‚

  11. I think most dog parents do that one of my pups is named Kula but we call her Bean or Beanbean my other is Kila and we call her Kai or Rooroo because she sings to us when we get home and it sounds like she is saying rooroo, both are big goofballs that make our life complete =)

  12. Is it weird that I have the same “pet” names for my dog and my son? Anthony goes by Ant for short (he’s so not a Tony) and Roxy is my four-legged, furry, baby girl. I call them both “Bug” and “Sweets” at completely random and various times. Roxy also is “Sweetie Pie” but she’s really got so much moxie that “Roxy” really does suit her.

  13. Officially Boon is “Boom Boon”, we got him on July 4th. Also “Tyler Boon” a nod to his hometown, Sweet Baby Boon, Boon Dog, Boonie and Boon “with an e”. My niece always felt that like we should have put an “e” at the end of his name so she calls him “Boon with an e” : ) Wow that is a lot of names!

  14. Yup, we have done the same thing. Our elderbull Sasha, she came to us with that name, but she’s got a million nicknames, and she will answer to them all (Snoop, Snoop doodle, Sushi, Pooper Doodle, its ridiculous, really)! And Fritz came to us as Everett, and we call him Fritter or The Fritter most of the time, but also Fritnasty, Mr Fritter, Shitter, etc. Its no surprise that my husband and I also have a trail of nicknames that we call each other as well πŸ™‚

  15. When we adopted our dog, her name was Coco, I think because she is a beautiful red/brown color. It did not suit her at all, though. I thought she looked exactly like a little piglet so I named her Olivia, after the pig in the children’s books. Very soon, though, we started calling her Booger, as in “she’s such a cute little booger!” This is also sometimes shortened to The Boog. When she’s in trouble, we refer to her by her full 3-part name: Olivia Newton John.

  16. We have Leroy, a great dane mix, who gets called RoyLee, Elroy, and BigUn. We have Rilo, a pit, who gets called Princess and Brat(as she acts like a bratty spoiled princess). Then we have Jake, an elderly bassett/beagle mix. His nick names are Jakers, Grumpy, Old Man, and Grampy. We have a persian cat named Boris Yeltsin, who gets called Borisimo. I think nick names come from time spent together and personalities shaping what you end up calling your furbabies. A friend of ours had a registered Boxer, whose name was Riddick Knight Tyson. He was called ReRe sometimes Bubba.

  17. My family’s beagle hound mix started as Austin which soon morphed into Austie la vistie, Aussie, Doogs, Mister Doogs, and a variety of other silly, baby talk names that we never dreamed we would be saying! Ahh it seems that dogs have such a way of wiggling into our hearts that they having us using pet names out the wazoo!

  18. Oh wow I had no idea that Chick’s “real” name was Tyson! Now I have a whole different perception of him πŸ˜‰

    When we first started fostering Rufus, his shelter name was “Brindle Boy” – he was found as a stray, so we have no clue what his potential first owners called him. When he came to us, I immediately loved the name Rufus for him. No other name would ever fit my grumpy “old” man.

    While he still gets called by his original name, he is often referred to as the following: Rudy (Alex’s favorite), Rutabaga, Ru-Man, Nug, Nugget (my current favorite), Bud, Bud-o, and “best thing ever ever ever.” He seems to get that they are all related to him in some way, haha.

  19. Love this! It seems almost impossible that Chick’s name is Ty! Melvin came to me as Riley, but I knew the moment I saw him that he was Melvin. After the tail surgery his name ranges from Melvin to many nicknames I have come up with about his wiggly booty.

  20. I’m a firm believer that dogs pick their own names. My oldest (almost 17) is known as Face. Her name is Casey. Or Case Face, or Schmee. Her brother (just turned 2) goes by many names. Rescue name Eli. Home name McFly. Thousands of variations on Mc____ depending on how he’s behaving…McButt is a favorite…McMac or just Mac is another favorite…but his love of standing on top of the firepit has spawned his most regal title…Lord of the Firepit!! As in “tell Lord of the Firepit to come inside…it’s time for dinner.” πŸ™‚

  21. When we got our Akita, he answered to his kennel name of Chaos (and still does). His registered name is Coyote Trails Cruel Intentions, which I barely remember most of the time. Over the years, he has revealed a goofy side of his personality and we’ve given him tons of nicknames. Fuzzy, Fuzzbutt, Turkey Dog (I can’t explain that one), Goofball, Big Goof…I’m sure there are others, but those are the ones I remember easily, mainly because they’re still in use!

  22. I’ve always been amazed at how many nicknames my dogs have, and the fact that it seems no matter how I call them, they always come running! πŸ™‚

  23. Not weird at all. What is weird is purposefully giving your dog two names, like we did. Hurley is officially Hurley/Hugo. No, no middle name. Alternate names. He was named after the character on Lost who was Hurley on the island and Hugo off the island. The plan was to call him Hugo when he was bad so that we weren’t using his “good” name when we reprimanded him. Good Hurley/Bad Hugo. We never ever called him Hugo but have plenty of nicknames for him when he’s being naughty. πŸ™‚

  24. We got our dog as a pup and named him Petey because the dog from Little Rascals was also a pit bull. But now we have all kind of names for him, from Waggie (because he’s always happy and wagging) to Moose, because he’s so big and often clumsy. He’s our first dog and has just been diagnosed with thyroid cancer at the age of 11. Don’t know what I’ll do without him.

  25. Multiple names: not weird. The fact that my husband and I had this EXACT conversation this morning: totally strange! I was even debating how to use this topic for today’s blog post! Weird…

    I am convinced that our poor dogs must have multiple personality disorder, because of all of the different names we use! Tonka: Tonkinator, Tue, Tuka, TonkaTue. Gaige: Jeej, Weej, Jeejer, Lil Weezy. I’m not even sure how we came up with some of those! My husband, Jonathan, disagrees with my theory… he thinks the more names you have for your dog, the more they know you love them πŸ˜‰

  26. My childhood dog was a terrier mix named Scuffy. He used to howl at sirens, so I would call him oooooby doooo. Then Scooby Doo. The oooobis. He was a cute little doggie. My Ozzy cat I call Oz Man sometimes. I just got Izzy, but I call her Baby Kitty or Baby Girl, cause she is so tiny.

  27. I canNOT believe Chick was once upon a time “Tyson.” My mind is now BLOWN. Never having met Chick in real life but feeling like I know him like my neighbor, and having met SO MANY dogs named Tyson, it doesn’t fit him at all in my mind! That’s so crazy that he was once called that. And “Ralphie!” Cracks me up. I can’t see him as anything but the multiple variations of Chick, Sir Chick being my favorite!

    I hate the name Monster for my little snoopy, because not only do I feel like it shot us in the foot, but I didn’t pick the name and yet he’s now solely my dog. And especially now that he is so much less of a “monster,” I have so many millions of nicknames for him that fit his ridiculous little personality better. The worst I think fits him that I actually call him is “brat.” Come to think of it I hardly ever even refer to him as Monster anymore except to other people. My roommate calls him “Monsy.” I think he now thinks his actual name is “snoopydog” – he responds to it and comes when called haha.

  28. I can’t even COUNT how many names I have for my girl Zoey. They morph from day to day… But I’m glad Chick is Chick. It suits him so much more than Tyson!!

  29. With our three we have so many nicknames, yet the seem to know and respons to each of them. With our two “B’s” then both came to us thinking it was a temporary stay. We never thought to change their names so nicknames it was. Buddy came to me with his name, and never was a huge fan, so he’s more often called Bubbas, Bub, or Papi. Bella (pronounced Bay-a) is more often Bay-bay, Mamacita, or just Mommie. When she does something naughty I did give her a middle name and so she’ll hear Bella Margaret. Devo, well now can you really improve on such an awesome name. He does have some nick names. D pants, DD, short stack, ginger. Come to think of it… I don’t think we really call them by their “real” names all to often anyway!

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  31. We have a dog who came with the name Little Guy. Sometimes we call him Littles, the nieces and nephews call him Little McGriddles, our friends call him Wittle Guy, and in our moments of great affection – we call him Bunny Bear, Bunnies, or Hambone. What’s weird is, while he’s small for a pittie, he’s not really that small at all. He has a facebook: Little Guy the Bunny Bear. I think we’ve given him a complex.

  32. Bigwig’s name is perfect for him. He physically resembles his namesake from Watership Down in size and color (at least from the movie adaptation) and also had that rough and tumble ready to go attitude as well. All of his nicknames for the most part just morphed off of his real name…Biggie, Wiggles, Wigglebutt….and our new kitten (who many of you may have seen last Monday in the Peace, Love and Fostering blog that my coworker writes) had a name that is already too long but we just call him Otto even if we decided to name him Otto Von Wolfgang Dracula.

  33. I’m a big fan of giving my pets a million names! My pup Slim was originally named Slim Jim at the vet clinic where I worked (he was abandoned there). Now he has so many nicknames… Boney Maroney, Mr. Bone, Stinks, and Biminey-bominey-boo are a few. Prince Humperdink occasionally came into use during visits to the dog park when he was younger, he wasn’t always very, um, polite. πŸ˜‰

    Love all of Chick and Doodlebug’s names, I so enjoy seeing their photos and hearing your stories. Thanks for sharing!

  34. My adopted dog’s shelter name was Shaunie, which did not fit her at all! I took a week to think about it and my boyfriend and I decided on Clementine because she’s a beautiful girl, is very lady-like, and she has an attractive and perfect gait. We call her C-dizzle though because she is amazingly smart, tough and resilient. Plus, we live in a not so great neighborhood and the name Clementine is a little too soft for the streets!

  35. We do that – Sam becomes Sammish, or Samster, depending on the mood. Monty started out as Marty at the rescue, but we weren’t keen on that name. We didn’t want to change it too much since he seemed to be comfortable with it, so we called him Monty. LOL – when he is really bad though, it is Monster!


  36. And you know you really use a nickname a lot when your dog actually responds to it. My dogs love it when I call them by their nicknames because I guess I never use them in a “serious voice” like their regular names. But I mean seriously, how can you say Pretty Little Baby or Chubbie Wub Wubs in a serious tone?

  37. LOL! So true! I had to start writing them down! George the yellow lab is Georgie-Morgie, Porgie, Bean(man) when he used to jump around in his younger days, Beepee, G-man, Boopy, etc and Tabitha the blk lab/pit is Tabs, Tablet, T-lite, Monkey-roo, (for jumping around crazy like a money and kangeroo), Gruzz, (for gray muzzle). Its so funny how it evolves. One of my friends once asked which one was Bean. All he had to do was wait and see who responded. πŸ™‚

  38. We actually have middle names for all our dogs. And it’s our indication when a foster is going to fail…..If we tack on the middle name, it’s all over. However, it works like a charm, as the middle name only comes out when they’re in trouble. And somehow they know when we use it, we mean business!

  39. My guys are all second hand dogs who found us in crazy ways, all w/ names. My son brought home a beagle named Petie when making a stray drop at the shelter while on shift as a police officer. Petie was to be PTS the next day & he was dancing on his hind legs in his cage so my son begged them to hold him. Soon we found out WHY he had been returned to shelter 3 times! He was a buzz saw! He could destroy a room in nothing flat! So he became Three Strike Peter, Peter Deeter, Pistol Pete, Petie Pablo & now that he’s old & grey, he’s just Oooold Peter. Then our son came upon Rotty Maximus who’s owner liked to beat him…to make him ”tuff”… We shortened him to Max, Big Max, Mackie Doodle & Doodie Max. He & Oooold Peter are both 13 yrs + now. Pit bull pup Phil came to me as a mercy seizure. His owners thought he had parvo & were letting him die! I threatened to call the sheriff if they did not sign him over to me for vet care. I thought they would put him to sleep, he was so weak & thin. When I told vet his name was a weird one …”Phil” vet was like Phil? Really? LOL but Phil weakly raised his head & we both agreed…Phil it is! He fought hard to live & is an elderbull of 7.5 yrs. Now he’s my Philly Boy, Philly Willie, Willsie, Mista Willy, Sweet William, my luvvy luv! Pit bull Chief came in hit by a truck at the vets office I now worked at. He was pretty banged up w/ a broken leg & nerve damage to another. His owners had recently adopted him from the shelter & decided not to pay his bill or come back for him. He was in our kennels for months getting more & more kennel crazy. I bonded w/ him during this time & started calling him Chiefie-Pooh. He was such a pain to walk, it took two leashes for him! And he “talked” loudly & jumped like a fish! This dog was nuts but I saw something there. I had just sent my last foster dog off to her new home & the shelter had another ready for me to take, but something told me to wait….I was working an extra shift the day Chief was to be sent to the shelter… I don’t know where it came from, but I blurted out to the vet… No please! I will take him! He was to be a foster but after 2 weeks we found he needed surgery for a luxating patella. I decided to keep him after his surgery. He was just a perfect fit for us. He is still Chiefie-Pooh or just plain old Pooh.

  40. Don was Don when I adopted him, and it just seemed to suit him, so I kept it. He also has a bunch of nicknames – Mr. Wiggles, Tiny Dancer (he sometimes does a little dance when he gets excited), Snugglebutt, Snugglebunny, Bunny, Bubbelah, Peanut (for his peanut shaped marking), Sweet Tater (for his love of same), Don Juan (because he’s such a hit with the ladies) and probably a bunch more I can’t think of right now.

  41. I love reading about everyone’s names! My three all have interesting names, but I can only take credit for two.

    Lola Lulu was originally “Loretta” at the pound when she was a tiny, emaciated black & white puppy with pneumonia. I changed her name to Lola, which means “sadness” and reflected her background (physically abused as a puppy, then dumped out in the southern Arizona desert in July). Once she recovered, she became the complete opposite of the eternally fearful, nervous puppy and was a bouncy, bubbly, outgoing, and totally silly dog. So “Lulu” was added to her name because it sounds fun rolling off the tongue. That’s also mophed into “Lo” “Lolita” “Lola-fish” “Lola-pants” etc.

    Gatsby was originally named “Chucky” as a 6 year old German shorthaired pointer who grew up in a hunting kennel in Utah (well trained, but had never lived in a real home before). His owner died and he ended up in a shelter on death row, but was rescued in the nick of time… or so he thought. He was “saved” by an animal hoarder who had 30+ dogs, tick-infested, and kept in horrid conditions. When he was rescued from there in July of 2011 he was 53 lbs., covered in ticks, and had tapeworms. He spent two months recovering, gaining weight, and living in a nice boarding kennel that a friend of mine manages. They renamed him Riley and he was sweet, but kept to himself showing little interest in people or other dogs. I took him in as an “easy” foster and over the weeks he came out of his shell in a way I could never have imagined. I kept him and named him “The Greatest Gatsby Ever” because I had wanted a male GSP named “Gatsby” forever. At some point he probably had an AKC registered name, but I have no way of knowing what that once was. Most of the time he goes by “Gats” or some silly name like “Gats-banana” or Bubba/Bubbs/Habibi or long & ridiculous names he’s acquired from me or friends, “Chocolate chip waffle stompers” is my favourite. He’s liver (dark brown) and white, with lots of spots and he looks like chocolate chip ice cream… he also has giant feet (he weighs 70 lbs) and is ALWAYS stepping on my toes.

    Jack Lemon came to be with his name, from the same hoarder that Gats was rescued from. I got him and 2 other dogs (who have since found homes) last May. Clearly it’s a play on words… both the name of the actor Jack Lemmon and his colour which is lemon & white. He’s a 9 year old English pointer with terminal cancer, so I am keeping him in hospice care until it’s his time. Jack is such a common name, so I call him Lemons (always plural), Marmalade Head, or Jam ears. (His ears look like they were dipped in peach jam and he has a spot on the very top of his head, too.)

    ….sorry, I don’t know how to write short comments!

  42. Ready for this? Monsieur Bondisimo Prosciutto Poochini. Long story. Every day he hears several of the following: Bondi, Bondisimo, Tigger, Sir tiggs-a-lot, boo bear, Monkey (said in a high-pitched nasal voice only momma can do just right… and which if done on a plane would probably not end well), Monkey Moose, Moose Goose, and recently (god this is embarrassing, why am I doing this to myself?): Honey Boo Boo.

  43. Our dog nicknames are a little embarrassing, but here goes…

    Badger was originally named “Dallas” by the shelter, but since about November/December of last year, we’ve also been calling him Shnerky (snow + jerk because he can be such a jerk sometimes!)

    Mushroom was originally “Samantha”, but just as often, she’s Myoodsh because she looooves food.

  44. Cute! My last dog was like that. Her name was Dee Dee. It quickly morphed into Deeders. Then Deeders Beeters. Then just Beeters. She Waldo earned the nickname Mama, because she was an old soul who took care of everyone. That then morphed into Mommers, and later Monster, cause she was so funny looking! I love it because no matter what name we calle her, she knew exactly when we were talking about her, and she loved it. πŸ™‚

  45. Fenway was originally Bunker when I got him. It took another two years for him to gain the middle name of Walter – when I realized he was a grumpy old man at heart! He’s got a million nicknames like Mr. Stubborn Bottom when he won’t “get busy”, and The Fenster for when he’s acting too cool for cuddles!! There are a ton of others, but you get the idea. =)

  46. This is so true. I have nicknames for both of my pets, that aggravates my fiance because whats the point of naming them if we don’t use their names? (his words) i just shrug and call him by the nickname his mom gave him and I think he gets the point.

  47. my oldest dog’s original name was rocky then when i got him i names him the judge which somehow the neighborhood kids interpreted as judge joe brown, which he is also known as dudge, wirnkle face, judgy, or face. my second one started out as Diego and when i got him i imeediately changed it to Trial but lately its been dopey, or lips. my third one’s name is roxy but i usually call her poodle butt

  48. Chick and Dude really do suit them, it is interesting to see how names evolve and our two dogs certainly have their share of nicknames. Bundy gets called Bundaberg, Boody, Bundy Boodle, Doodle and Dudie, Munchkin and Maxi often gets called Princess, Max, Maxi Moodle, Madam and Doofus πŸ™‚

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  50. In Sweden there is a saying- ‘A much loved child has many names’
    We talked a bit about that on our blog today and then linked to your lovely article.
    Wags and wiggles to you and all of your great work fostering.
    xo, Nico and Cody

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  52. We too use endless variations of Boo or Boo-Boo for our mini schnauzer. I call him Boo-Baloo (a combination of Boo and hullabaloo because schnauzers like to be noisy) and Chubba-Boo (a combo of chubby and Boo because schnauzers like to eat). But my favorite is to call him Bitty Boo Manchu because of his mustaches!

  53. Roma is our cat’s God given name and shelter name. I love muffin’s almost as much as I love our cat. Muffin was shorted into “Muff” which is what we call our cat now.

  54. We have heaps of different names for our boys as well, I think it is what refects them in the moment. They probably have their own names for themselves too πŸ™‚

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