Chix-A-Lot Friday: Ready, set, adventure!

When mama came home yesterday with a new backpack for my brother and fished my trusty pack out of the garage, we started to suspect that maybe something was going to happen. Considering we wait around basically our whole lives for things to happen, we got a little bit excited.

Only then remembered: it takes humans FOREVER to actually get ready to DO anything. So we got a little less excited.

You see, yesterday was my mama and dad’s adopt-a-versary of each other, and every year around their adopt-a-versary, we go on a trip with our backpacks. We always drive and drive, and then we all put on our backpacks and walk and walk and walk through the woods, peeing and sniffing everywhere we choose, until we get to a nice spot to rest and eat some kibble. Then I lay there and supervise while mama and dad pull things out of our backpacks and make a nice big crate for us to all sleep in together. It’s a good time!

I’m an old seasoned pro at backpacking, but Doodlebug has never been before! He’s a little nervous.

So to help him feel more prepared for our little trip on Saturday, I’ve been helping him practice one of the most important backpacking skills of all: power napping during breaks while still wearing your pack. As you can see, he’s already a pro!

Happy weekend, everyone!



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  1. Oooooh sounds fun!! What packs do you like and use? I have wanted to get a nice one for Luna eventually. not like we actually get around to hiking, but hey maybe one day if we had a nice pack. I could prolly just snag one of the outward hound ones from the kennel and see how they fit. I should also probably get wyatt used to one as he is twice her weight and could carrry a lot more lol.
    Have an amazing saturday!

    • We have one REI pack and one Mountainsmith one. The Outward Hound ones are ok too but can run a little long for male dogs, if you catch my drift… We like both of ours a lot, esp the MS one.

      Typed by my trained monkey. Please excuse tybos.

  2. I have to be honest, every day I can’t wait to have a few minutes to check your blog. I have been following for quite some time and just LOVE IT! Your dogs are beyond beautiful and all the fun things you do with them is inspiring. I can’t wait to be able to ADOPT once I move. Keep on giving the love and treats to your babies! I look forward to tomorrow’s post already! ha ha Take care! Give those boys a belly rub for me!

  3. Adopt-a-versary may be the most adorable term I have ever heard! And of course our dog loving, rescue community totally speaks the language!! Love it! Have fun and congratulations!

  4. Love you and your pups soooooooo much! I just adopted another kitten, so now I have two. Just can’t do the dog thing any more because of my life situation, but love ALL animals, and cats are so fun too, just gotta stay indoors.

  5. hehe..I wanted my dog’s name to be Piglet, but my boyfriend didn’t agree. So we kept the name she came with, Bella. She has many names-Belly Button, Hell’s bells, Beelzebub, booboo, Boobies, bebe…etc…lol. i love it.

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