Chix-A-Lot Friday: My brother has all the fun

I am feeling so very loving and generous today that even though it’s CHIX-A-Lot Friday, I’m going to tell you about something that my dumb brother, DOODLEBUG, got to do yesterday.

Check him out:

Of course you are wondering: what in the world is Doodlebug doing? And I will tell you the answer:


You see, the training center where my brother and my mama and I work does a supercool trip every winter to Colorado, where people and dogs get to cross-country ski together — that is, the people ski and the dogs pull them in the snow in special blue crisscrossy harnesses. Pretty neat, right? Well, mama’s boss has a bunch of Huskies, who are stone cold naturals at towing people in the snow, but some of us other kinds of dogs aren’t quite as innately skilled at towing. So this year, to get some of the Huskies and non-Huskies ready for the trip, the Center got this cool scooter, and is going to be teaching dogs how to tow people on it — it’s just like cross-country skiing, but in Texas! And without the skis. Or the snow. But still. It’s great practice!

And so yesterday, after the Huskies took the scooter for an inaugural spin, mama’s bosslady asked everybuddy: who else wants to try? And my brother immediately raised his paw — memememe! And even though I was pretty jealous that he got to scoot while I had to just sit and watch, I gotta admit — I was pretty proud of him. He took to it really quickly — even better than the other dogs who tried. And it was hard work for a lazy bum like my brother!

And the best part? A few minutes of towing Aunt JJ on the scooter and he was totally pooped out.

Happy weekend, everybody!

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  1. That is something I have always wanted to do with Luna (Skijoring) but we never get enough consistent snow. She does pull me on rollerblades though, but it’s hard to find paved paths for that too. Some will do the same with a bike, but that freaks me out to have them in front of big wheels lol. But I can’t wait to see how he progresses, how fun!

  2. Aleks, you have the coolest job/life and sometimes I can’t bear to read your blog or look at your Facebook because I get SO jealous.

  3. A ga-zillion years ago, my husband and our first Great Dane did this on cross country ski trails in some of the best natural parks up where we live. They had a ton of fun. Nice to see the Texas version play out with your guys.

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