Chix-a-Lot Friday: Giant spiders, giant crates, and a Grand Adventure in the woods

Holy moly, can you believe it’s already been five days since we got back from our great big adventure? I believe I promised I would tell you all about it, so I am here to tell you all about it!

First I will tell you all of the regular-exciting things, and then I will tell you the very-exciting things. Fair, right?

So Mama and Dad spent all morning Saturday pulling things out of bags and putting things in other bags, including my backpack and my brother’s new pack. Once I saw the kibbles go in, I knew it was a good adventure. Doodlebug, on the other hand, was still worried.

So we headed out in the car and we drove for a hundred billion three hours. Naturally, I stayed on guard while my brother dozed off.

When we finally got there, everybuddy put their packs on, and boy were they heavy. Mama made us pack in all our own water, kibbles, bones, and poop bags!


And just like that, we were off!



We crossed creeks and rivers and climbed and scrambled. By the time we got there, we were very panty and very happy.


You must be wondering what place I’m talking about when I say “we got there.” Don’t worry, I will tell you. There was a magic spot on top of a big hill under some cedar trees, with a nice flat soft spot for us to put our sleeping crate, and nobody around for miles and miles. It was glorious! So of course we got right to napping. Notice that I am sleeping in the dirt like a real man dog, but my brother insisted on a yoga mat like a little primadonna!



After our nappings, we felt most refreshed, and went for a little stroll before sunset. We didn’t have to wear all our kibbles and waters and everything, so me and the Dude were both feeling as light and springy as the sun was warm and yellow.


Well I’ll tell you, that walk was a turning point — between the regular great things and the most excellent great things! You won’t even believe them!

First, my baby brother the Bug got to practice some off-leash hiking! I mean, he was dragging his leash so mama or I could always step on it if he stopped listening, but still. He did it! And he was brilliant!


And then, as though that wasn’t cool enough already, Mama and Dad set up our big crate on the nice soft dirt, for us to all sleep in together. I’ve slept in the crate with them before lots of times, which was totally rad, but never with a friend/brother. It was so snug and cozy, we loved it! Only mama was mumbling about getting a bigger crate for next time. Whatever.


And the final most excellent thing that happened was that my baby brother saved us from certain death by tarantula bite!! You wouldn’t believe how giant and hairy this spider was, and it was trying to sneak into our tent while we were preoccupied with kibbles and camp stoves. But my brother saw it and nearly deathed it! Well, maybe he didn’t nearly death it, but he did alert Mama, who shooed it away. Anyway, as a team, we saved all our own lives. We are such heroes.

What an exciting weekend!





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  1. What a great adventure! You know, we bought a marvelous two room tent, thinking the boys could have one room and we could have the other. We still wake up with them sleeping on us. ;D


  2. Sounds like a wonderful weekend! You would be a great source to talk to if I could ever convince the husband to actually go camping. So weird we have not done it yet considering he is such an outdoors/hunting sort of guy. Bet he would do it if it involved hunting. Glad everyone stayed safe from the creepy crawlers, I would so not like seeing one of those while camping. Maybe on the trail but not in the camp site lol.

  3. I LOVE readying about Chix & Bug – you tell their stories in such an engaging way, and has a photographer, I LOVE your images – they capture their personalities, the stone of the tale and are just a joy to look at!! I am a new dog owner (first dog) and she’s a pit mix too – I am learning so much as a first time owner (only cats before) but already she has brought so much into our lives in the short two months we have been fortunate enough to have her in our lives! As a new pup mama – its very helpful to hear you share your pups adventures and experiences and I don’t feel alone and I know there is so much that we all can do together as a family!!

    I am going to share your blog on my work’s Facebook Page (I work at a pet retreat) because I know that our 600 followers will LOVE to read your blog as much as i do!!

  4. Oh good Lord I would have run off that mountain so fast if I ever saw a spider like that! Obviously I am not a camper, my idea of camping is the Holiday Inn, but I suppose I could get bed bugs there, lol. I sure hope you put that tarantula far far away! I’m still shivering…..

  5. I’m a little embarrassed to say first off that I had no idea we had spiders that big and scary in America….and while I am certainly not some wimpy guy…having a spider of that particular look just roll up on me could be enough to have made me look like one. Other than that the trip looked like an awesome time and as always we miss you!

  6. Holy smokes, look at all of that excitement! The pictures are beautiful, especially the sunshine. It’s grey here today, so seeing all that gold was really nice for me.

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