Chix-A-Lot Friday: Family photos!

I’ve been telling mama and telling mama — we need a real family photo with all of us people and dogs in it, not just handsome me, silly brother Doodlebug, and daddyman. Mama needs in too! But she’s always behind that black, treat-dispensing clicking device, so she almost never gets in our photos. So after eons and eons of trying, I finally convinced her to get a friend to take some official-like family portraits for us. So here are some!

As you can see, I was feeling a little grumpy because mama pulled me out of bed so early to get pretty for our photo shoot. Poor Doodlebug just looks confused, as always. Still, we think our pal — and very talented Austin wedding photographer — Cecily Johnson did a smashing job!


Happy weekend, everyone!


26 responses

  1. These pictures are beautiful – not candid but not too “posed” if that makes sense. What are the boys looking at in the last pic – Chick has got himself all twisted around….who knew he was so flexible! He does have “tired face” – too cute. PS: I think top right is my favorite of the entire family! Thank you for sharing.

  2. Cute! Love them all, but especially the last one. I’m already jonsing for my favorite street in Austin. You’re killing me! Happy Weekend to you all too!

  3. Chick, Good job asking your mama for family portraits. They are so fun! Tell your mama she looks beautiful! The rest of you look great too (we all know you are all handsome boys)!

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