Chick and the special eye feature

Mr. Chick is an emotional guy — everybody sees it the minute they meet him. He ponders and worries and pines and begs and wishes and dreams and suffers and loves. All day long. You can see it in his talkative ears and his wrinkly forehead and his pouty mouth and his quivery body and his soulful, expressive eyes.Β Please love me, they say. And we do, of course.

He doesn’t shed many tears — because although he would lead you to believe that his life is one full of difficulty, he actually lives a life of luxury — but he does have semi-permanent tear stains on both eyes, hinting at tears shed from pure, Chick-like emotion.

And over the past few years, he has been growing an extra-special eye feature on his left eye. It’s a little pink bump of tissue right at the edge of his lower eyelid, right up against his eye itself. It’s not malignant. But it isΒ there. For a while now, our vets have told us to just keep watch over it, and let them know if it gets bigger or starts to irritate his eye, leading to bleeding, tears, or other irritation. For years, there was nothing. We didn’t think about it. But lately, we’ve been noticing bigger, more frequent tears, and some irritated redness to the little intruder.


So at his last annual exam (which went marvelously, by the way), the vet decided that it’s time — a minor surgery to remove the silly bugger so it doesn’t rub against Chick’s beautiful, expressive eye and bother him any more. It’s a quick, easy procedure, and there shouldn’t be any complications. But still — it is surgery, and he’ll have to go under full anesthesia — something that carries a slight risk for a dog, especially an older gentleman like the Chickster.

By dinner time, he should be home snuggled up with his Doodlebug on his favorite sofa, tucked in to his favorite blankets. But in the meantime, please send him a well-wish or two!

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  1. We will be thinking of him. Sam has one too in the corner of his eye – we have been putting it off but it will need to be taken off eventually. Sending hugs!


  2. Annie, Paul, The Hubbs, and I are keeping our paws and fingers crossed for you guys today! Good luck to Chick with his surgery, and good luck to Mom, Dad and Doodlebug for the nervousness today.

  3. Sending lots of positive vibes to Chick and his family; can’t wait to hear that he is back home snuggling with all of you~

  4. You’ll be fine Chick in no time….and playing with Doodlebug, I know you’ll be fine because I’m Praying for you and Jesus Love you too. Big Hugs, To My Favorite Chick, and Doodlebug too.
    Love You,
    Aunt Jackie

  5. Surgery is always scary when it involves our fur-babies…Oscar had a little bump removed from his toe a couple years ago, and I thought I was totally fine about it. I took him in, dropped him off, filled out the paperwork, kissed him on the head and went off to breakfast….where I immediately broke down in tears over my eggs and bacon. Sending positive thoughts to the Chickster!

  6. Chick, ask mama to write your fans with an update on your surgery (and maybe a picture of you and your boo-boo). You’ll be back to 100% very quickly, I’m sure. Meanwhile, prayers and positive vibes for a speedy recovery.

  7. Sending lots of good thoughts for Chick today! I’m sure the surgery will go smoothly & he’ll be back to snuggling with Doodlebug in no time!

  8. Ah Chixster, it’ll be ok buddy! My lab Mollie had the EXACT same thing, and came through with flying colors! You’ll be happy it’s gone, just sleep off the anesthesia and you’ll be good to go!

  9. Much love and hugs and well wishes from Melvin and I! I agree, anesthesia makes me most nervous (with humans and dogs!). We had the same surgery done on Max, he came home with an Elizabethan collar and provided us with several hours of comic relief to smooth out our worry! Heal quick Chickster!

  10. I know Chick is going to do great, but I’m still sending lots of good thoughts your and his way. Nemo got his eye bump removed a little while ago and it was super easy. In a way I kinda miss his bump (imperfections are beautiful ya know?), but I like to think he can see the world a little more clearly now that he doesn’t have it in his way. Good luck Chick!

  11. I am focusing every bit of good energy that I’ve stored up and sending it all your way. buddy. I miss you and can’t wait til I have the chance to see you again! You’ll do fine, buddy!

  12. Best wishes Chick!!! My girl Cali has one on her upper lid that has just recently gotten bigger too (especially after she was skunked!) but since she is almost 14, we are hoping to avoid surgery. I can’t wait to see his sweet face again after the surgery! πŸ™‚

  13. Mr Chick is lucky guy – or is it you that is lucky???? Always the question when it comes to our pets.
    We see a fair amount of these at the Animal Hospital I work at. My dog included. It took all of one minute for Dr to remove her little lump ( with Surgical Laser ), she had a Dental the same time so her recovery was a bit longer but went perfectly.
    Mr Chick will be showing off his beautiful expressive eyes in no time. Give him a treat for me…..

  14. Our pitt-mix had several of these little eye boogers pop up over her years. She always came through with no problems. We would usually take advantage of the time she was under to get her teeth cleaned or have some fatty lumps removed if time allowed). I’m sure Chick will do well and enjoy the extra lovin’ and attention afterwards πŸ™‚

  15. Oh, my pit had this, too. We were really concerned because after doing nothing for a while (the vet originally just said to keep an eye on it), it started getting inflamed, bleeding on occasion, and his eye was tearing up a ton.

    We took him to the vet, who recommended we get it removed. She asked if he’d ever had his teeth cleaned, which he hadn’t, so we took advantage of a 2-in-1 and got it removed during a teeth cleaning.

    Healed up nicely, and you can’t tell there was anything there at all.

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  17. My dog Crackers says feel better soon–he knows what it’s like to be emotional and he has allergies so he’s usually watery-eyed. Harriett says she loves tears and would be happy to lick him better (her answer for everything–this gets rough when my problem is hives from my dog allergies)


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