Chix-A-Lot Friday: My grand adventure at the Dogtor’s office

On Wednesday my Mama told you that I was going to spend the day at the Dogtor’s office and have them take away my special eye feature. Just as a reminder, here’s what I looked like before my day of adventure. See my special eye feature?

Well, Mama took me to the vet’s office for a playday with my friends — or at least that’s what I thought — and the next thing I remember, I was laying on a dog bed and everything was kinda blurry and swirly and silly. I could hear some people talking to me, but they were obviously speaking Martian, because I couldn’t understand them at all. And then I woke up again a little while later, and one of my nice friends was saying “Chick, your mama’s here!” and I was so happy that I tried to get up, but whoa, that was harder than I expected! So my friend helped me walk out to my mama without bumping myself into any things, and boy was she a sight for sore eyes. Here I am when she picked me up, getting some lovin’ from another one of my friends:

And of course mama had to lift me to get into the car since I was pretty hammered, but when she opened the car door, I was in for a surprise — my Doodlebug had insisted on coming along to pick me up. Ain’t he sweet?

He had to make sure I had somebuddy to rest my conehead on for the car ride home, and boy was I happy to have him.By now you’re probably wondering why I have a bumble bee bandage on my arm and also a cool tough guy set of stitches on my shoulder. And I will tell you why. Mama told the vet that while I was “under” (under what, I wonder??), she should go ahead and look at my little lumps and bumps all over my body and to delete any ones that she didn’t really like. So she found a couple of flea-sized ones and two bigger ones, maybe the size of a squished blueberry. She took ’em off so I could be good as new! She told mama not to worry and that they were probably no big deal, but that she thought I should have some tough guy scars so the chicks dig me even more.

Anyhow, we got home, and again mama had to lift me out of the car and walk me very slowly into the house, because my buzz had not worn off yet. She let me go out in the yard (I’m not allowed to have any walks for TWO weeks), and I’m not even sure what happened. I think I just sat there like a little sleepsitter the whole time while Doodlebug frolicked about.

As soon as I was feeling clever enough again, I realized that I had a Great Opportunity to milk this for all it’s worth. I managed to get Mama to give me a whole can of tuna fish for dinner and move my most favorite, luxurious, fluffy, yummy, king-sized dog bed right into the dining room so the Bug and I could supervise her making dinner for her and dad. Pretty smart, eh?

My brother was open to my cleverness too, and let himself be used as a cone-rest while I napped peacefully.

So then I ate my tunafish, took my pain pill candy and went to sleep, and — whew! — a good night’s sleep sure did me good. I woke up feeling GREAT! I played with Mama with a toy before she went to work, and after she got home I took a nice long nap in the sun.

Mama even said I was “crazy as ever,” whatever that means. She said it after the Bug and I zanily chased a squirrel across the yard while mama yelled “NO RUNNING!!” But when I came back, she just gave me a big hug and told me what a good boy I am. I guess she’s happy I’m back to my old self!

Thanks everyone for the well-wishes. Just look how well you made me!

30 responses

  1. Dear Chick, I am glad you are well again. I had to wear the cone of shame a few times, here in Holland we call it “Lampenkap”, which means Lamp Shade! Haha (not funny at all, I think!). Is it because you are white that bumps are more dangerous that with me (I am brown all over). I am a Standard Wirehaired Dachshund, what are you and your brother? Here in Europe, not including the UK, and you hardly goning to believe this, Dachshunds have longer legs that in your country! Amazing, isn’t it? Well, they’re still rather short, of course.
    Bye, hope to talk to you again! Woof and paw, Thomas

  2. As always, Chick, your blog post put a smile on my face…I can never get enough of seeing you and Doodlebug together. And Im so glad you did well during your “adventure”!

  3. So glad you are feeling better, Sir Chick, and that your Doodlebug was there to see you home and snuggle you up. You’re a super special guy – those scars sure will be handsome under your white furs. 🙂 Get all better soon!

  4. Chick: Your Mommy has a Great way with words….maybe You and the Bug, could talk her into writing a Book about These Beautiful Dogs……. I know it would be a Great Seller, since a Friend of mine is a writer and he thought I should say something to you, so maybe Chick, you would tell her……
    Aunt Jackie

  5. Chick, you are a magnificent dog. That final photo really shows you in all of your glory. Glad to hear you’re feeling better. Sounds like your mama is feeling better, too.

  6. So happy you are back to your old self. Doodle bug is such a good brother and head rest. You two were made for each other.

  7. So glad to see that you are recovering nicely from your surgery! Love the pics of you & Doodlebug…you guys make such a great pair!.

  8. Ok, seriously, Chick is the ONLY dog who can make a cone look distinguished! I’m serious!!! So glad all is getting back to normal (minus the cone) and that the Dudester came to pick his brother up. They are so friggen delightful.

  9. Hey Chick! You and I both had an adventure this week. On Tuesday, I went to the mouth doctor and they gave me some medicine that made everything whirly and swirly and when I woke up, four teeth were gone! I don’t have a cool cone to wear like you, but I AM squeezing every bit of sympathy I can out of this! Here’s to us both getting better soon!

  10. I’m sorry you had to go through all of that but it looks like you are going to be just fine. Take it easy with the romping and I am sure you will recover quickly! I know, it’s not easy. Especially with your best pal around!

  11. We sure hope you are feeling better. Wish those Dogster VET would give better prizes than a lampshade
    Benny & Lily

  12. Happy to hear your visit to the Dogtor went well. Bentley told you that the drugs would be good. And your brother is being such a great pal by being a pillow when you need to nap! Happy healing Chix!

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