Doodlebug’s Pet Peeve + Holiday Cheer Fundraiser

One of Doodlebug’s many shining qualities is how very tolerant he is. He politely and patiently tolerates all kinds of handling and touching. He  allows himself to be dressed in scarves, bowties, sweaters, and once even a tutu. He has no biases about people, whether it be age, color, size, or dress.

But one thing that really ticks him off? Yarn. Specifically, the itchy, twitchy sensation when a piece of yarn happens to fall upon his side while he’s napping through a craft project. Poor Bug.

photo 3photo 4

We’re halfway through with our holiday lottery / fundraiser for the Schrodi Memorial Training Fund. A HUGE thank you to all of those who have already donated and entered our lottery — we have already raised enough for more than 20 families to come in for a behavioral evaluation and get their relationship with their beloved “problem child” moving in a productive, positive direction. Wow!

The big holiday event wraps up Friday! That means that you still have a few days to donate and be entered into our lottery for an amazing dog-lovers’ prize pack, including a custom mini pet painting from the Pet Shop, a collar and bow tie or flower from Sirius Republic, an ID tag from Sew Olive, and a hand-knit dog sweater from Tiennot Sweaters. For details about our spectacular fundraiser, click here. To donate, click here, select “Schrodi Training Fund” from the dropdown, and be sure to include the word LOTTERY in the “Dedication” field.

The at-risk dogs of Austin thank you!

7 responses

  1. What a great cause! Todd and I pick a couple of charities each year to donate for Christmas. This was a no-brainer (you know how much training/work/LOVE we have put into our own little monster – and none of it has been cheap). I hope it helps lots of pups and people learn things, create bonds, and stay together furever!

  2. I just out in my donation!! I don’t have a lot, but having a pup who could use a little training and begin on such a tight budget, I can image how it is for so many people out there and there are so many pups who are amazing pups and would be even better with a little but of guidance 🙂 from someone who can make a positive difference!!

  3. Like Narda, Cory and I pick charities to donate to during the holidays and this was a no brainer for us. Sherri, Jess and Curtis (as well as everyone at The Canine Center) have helped us with our favorite project, Vince, so much this year. If it weren’t for them, we’d be a very unhappy family right now. I just hope that our contribution will help someone else as much as it’s helped us.

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