Chix-A-Lot Friday: Caught! (+ Holiday Cheer Fundraiser Update)

***Quick update from our sponsors on the Schrodi Memorial Training Fund lottery and fundraiser: A big thanks to all who have participated already. If you donated but forgot to include the key word LOTTERY in the “dedication” field, please leave a comment on this post so we can be sure to count you! Those who haven’t participated, you have until midnight Central time tonight to get your donations in and still be eligible for the huge drawing to win our awesome dog lovers’ prize pack! More info on the Schrodi Fund is here, and more info on the lottery, rules, and sweet prize pack is here

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Hello friends, and happy Friday! Let’s play a little game here called “Where in the World is that Handsome Devil Chick?” Here’s how you play. I show you a picture, and you try to figure out where I am in it.

Ready? Go:


Yup, just as I suspected — you couldn’t find me, right? I know, I am so hard to see! Ok, well just to make it easier for you, here’s a different angle. Surely you can find me in this one:


So now that we have solved the Great Mystery of Where in the World is that Handsome Devil Chick, we can move on to another important question: why in the world did my silly brother Doodlebug lay on top of me like that?

Unfortunately, I do not know the answer, the ‘Bug would not tell. I’ve come up with some possible interpretations and would be interested to hear your own — maybe together we can solve this mystery?

Possibility #1: Doodlebug was worried that I was going to run away in my deep sunny slumber, so he crashed down and caught me to make sure I stayed right where I was.


Possibility #2: The ‘Bug thought he could benefit from some lower back support and knew I’d make the perfect pillow to cradle his lumbar region.


Possibility #3:  Even though it was a balmy 77 degrees yesterday (and even warmer in the sunshines), Doodlebug felt a little nip in the air and wanted to snuggle up as close to me as possible. Unsatisfied with a simple back-to-back snuggle or a more traditional spooning, he thought he’d try a new — more avant garde — cuddle-style.


But whatever the real reason, don’t my ‘Bug look proud?

20 responses

  1. Here’s another possibility Chick…Doodlebug knows that you do the Friday b;pg post, and this is his way of saying he wants a day of his own to post too! Whatever the reason though, the two of you together are awesome.

  2. I think I did – but just in case…. LOTTERY 🙂 My fingers are crossed for the personal portrait! But if not – I am happy I was able to donate to a very worthy cause!!! Thanks again for all your great work!! Erin

  3. Chick, you were right, I could NOT find you in that first picture! That was really sneaky! I think maybe Doodlebug was guarding you to make sure you could sleep in peace without anyone bothering you. He’s a good friend!

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