Sniffing Secret Santa

Last year, we were invited to participate in a blogger gift exchange that included a number of pit bull dog blogs. This year, we were invited again! The group was cleverly titled the Pittie Posse Gift Exchange. Cute, right?

Last year, Chick and his then-foster sister Dora the Explorer got a whole bunch of yummy dog cookies and this cute Santa hat:

This year’s big reveal is tomorrow (special for Chix-A-Lot Friday, we are so lucky!!), but we got our package in the mail already. Just look how excited the boys are to see what’s inside!

12 responses

  1. Fun! After this Christmastime season, The Mocha has decided that every package that comes through the door must be for her. She sniffs it then sits and stares at us waiting for us to open it.

  2. I know (‘of’ at least) the struggle you had regarding adopting the Bug for Chick, but every time that I see them together, I am as happy for Chick as I am to have Bonnie. I know not every dog is into having a bud, but they do seem to enjoy each other so much. I think Santa cam early for them both! šŸ˜‰

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