And the winner is . . .

Chick and the ‘Bug dropping in here to give you the final scoop on our wonderful, spectacular, sequiny, jazz-filled, pleasant-smelling, frosting-covered fundraiser for the Schrodi Fund!

About a week and a half ago, we humbly asked you to consider spending a few of your holiday pocketbook contents on a cause that’s very important to us: The Schrodi Fund. The Schrodi Fund provides Austin area dog people with the opportunity to access top-notch private and group dog training regardless of their financial circumstances. Schrodi has helped almost a hundred families this year find help for their dog problems (it turns out some of them have dogs even crazier than the two of us!), and promises to help even more next year — thanks to you.

Once again, the generosity of friends and strangers has knocked us all off our feets. In just one week, you helped us boys raise 2,615 green papers for the fund! We Chickerdoodles have never seen so many green papers before in our whole lives (Bug: only partially because every time mama lets me sniff one of her green papers, I try to put it in my mouths). It sure sounds like a lot!


To give you all another good incentivation to participate, we asked some of our very talented artist friends to donate some goodies for a “prize pack” to be given to a lottery winner — everyone who donates was eligible to play). From the number of green papers you raised for us, it is clear that the REAL winner is the Schrodi Fund, but there is another winner too: the very lucky Ms. B from Tampa, FL! We wonder if she’ll give any of her prizes to her famous dog (who also blogs), Tucker?

Congrats Ms. B, we can’t wait to see what you do with your fantabulous prize pack!

Love, Chick & the ‘Bug

6 responses

  1. Oh my gosh! We WON? You are kidding me! Thanks, Chick & Dude! That’s so amazing, and it’s even more incredible how much money was raised for such a fabulous cause. We are so glad to have played a part in it that winning prizes on top of it seems like too much.

  2. Just realized i haven’t seen a post from you in my inbox just lately….missing the chickerdoodle updates 🙂 Happy Holidays to ALl of you!

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