Chix-A-Lot Friday: On Snuggling and Not

If you have spent much time reading our blog or following us on the Facebooks, you know that we don’t mind being close:

Snickerdoodle-120105-9Sometimes REAL close:


But even though there are a bazillion photos of us sharing one bed:
Snickerdoodle-120202-14photo 3

Did you know that we don’t ALWAYS want to snuggle?

Here’s how it goes: For about three weeks, we will always go to our room and curl up in the same bed together. Usually I settle in first, then my brother squooshes himself into position to share:

photo (42)

But here’s where I have to admit something. If my brother is in a bed first, I will usually go to the other one (unless it’s ultra chilly, like less than 65 degrees outside), and then he usually gets up out of his and moves over to mine. To share.

So anyhow, this is how we sleep. For weeks and weeks. And then all of a sudden, something changes, and we decide that everydog deserves his own bed, and we are not going to share anymore:

photo 2

We sleep happily in two separate spots in our room:

Photo1 (5)

Snickerdoodle-120306-46And then a couple more weeks go by without sharing, and we’re back to sharing again:

photo 4And a few more weeks of sharing, and we’re sleeping separately again:

photo 5

Right now we’re sharing:
photo 1

But it’s only a matter of weeks before we’re back to sleeping solo.

Even I will admit it: we are some pretty strange birds dogs. Does anybody else have strange sleeping habits they want to tell us about?

23 responses

  1. When my boy was a puppy, his bed was by the dresser. He would move around so much that he would get stuck under the it! Then he would whine to wake me up so I could pull him out from under the dresser! So, I ended up moving his bed to the corner of the room a few steps away but somehow he would move so much that he would end up under the dresser anyways!

  2. Doodle likes to sleep on one of the other dogs, especially Mr B. Luckily for him she’s only a third of his weight! Cricket is our only dog who likes to sleep completely under the blankets!

  3. I need you to teach me how to get my dogs to USE dog beds! Mine can snuggle or not.. they don’t have a preference, but they’re ALWAYS on a couch or OUR bed. Dog beds are for dogs you know. They can’t be treated like dogs..

  4. Gah! Chick and Doodlebug are SO cute! No matter which way they are sleeping! Our boys only snuggle when they’re in the car (and when our heeler thinks were not looking!) but I wish they would snuggle more!

  5. How can I count the ways? For sure, the larger the dog bed, the smaller the dog who will claim it; my adoptable Border Collie, Denali, sleeps next to me, with or without a pad (as now when I’m on the computer), or behind my sleeping chair; she guards, I guess. Several dogs have wised up and sleep on comfy pads in open crates – no one else bothers them. Newbie Wyatt, a Cutie pie Dachshund mix, sleeps on my head while his Beagle “brother,” Michael, sleeps curled up at my feet in the chair. Dobie/hound Justus stretches out across me in the chair atop multiple Doxies under the covers; somehow, he avoids laying directly on top of them. I have a photo of 3 Coonhounds curled up on my one sofa – all very comfy and all full grown :).
    Your boys are always cute – thanks for the post, Chick; I did think you always slept together.

  6. Our boys are quite odd about this actually so I got a kick out of your post. They don’t really snuggle much at all, and when they do it’s only when the little guy climbs up onto Bear’s bed OR if they’re in the car.
    They don’t play too much either, and we’ve had them together for 4 years now. I’m not sure if Bear thinks he might ‘break’ Scooter (who is a handicapable pomeranian) or what exactly. But anytime we bring a foster dog into the house Bear’s all like “oh hey thanks for the play buddy” and LOVES starting tug of war and various other games with the foster dog, then Scooter feels really left out of the loop, so he just snuggles with momma and daddy instead. I wish I knew why they didn’t interact too much, they appreciate each others company but maybe just haven’t figured out a way they can play with a toy together….silly boys.

    • Hi Kaitlin! How big is your Bear? I am a big boy (I am down to 75 lbs!) and I will only play with other dogs who are at least 50 lbsish. If they are very small I am afraid I might play too hard and hurt them.

  7. I prefer snuggling with two leggers. However i do allow the occasional foster dog to snuggle with me. At bedtime i often stay on the couch as I don’t like moving from a comfy spot. When I do crawl into bed my assigned spot is between mom’s legs or in the crook of her knees. My JRT brother Buddy sleeps UNDER the covers, often between mom & dad. Our current foster has to sleep at night in her kennel, but last night while we watched it snow she used Buddy as a pillow…a grumbly, grumpy,pillow

  8. Badger and Mushroom don’t snuggle with one another when they’re sleeping. They each curl up on a separate dog bed. But they like to snuggle when they’re awake and chewing on their toys. Perhaps because it makes it easier for them to trade chew toys?

  9. I used to like to snuggle with my Momo. I still miss her sometimes but I like to snuggle with mama. I usually sleep in my bed next to her bed but sometimes she will invite me to sleep in the big bed with her! Then I will fall asleep and move around so that I am on the bed sideways and my butt is squishing her shoulder. She will wake up and tell me to move over and then I will move over and sleep like a normal person with my head on the pillow. But sometimes I will forget again while I am sleeping and I will go back to sleeping the wrong way.

  10. My fosters usually rotate in and out quickly enough that there’s not much time for hardcore snuggling, as most are in the “short, supervised playtimes” stage when one gets adopted. Love the snuggle photos and honesty, though!

  11. Aww, all of those adorable sleeping boy pictures!

    Lately, and it didn’t start until this winter, Elka will sneak off upstairs (literally…she goes very slowly and quietly; her tags don’t even jangle) and sleep in our bed. She isn’t “not allowed” upstairs, and mostly does it if she’s just home with the boys, but has sometimes with me as well. We wonder if she’s cold. Or just more comfortable in the bed, than with our new scary couches. We still have a “no toys in bed” rule, though!

  12. Those are some interesting sleeping patterns. Kaya & Norman like to sleep together and apart but it doesn’t go by the week but changes throughout the day. And at night they are both in the bed with me:) The cuddling pictures are too cute!

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