Even at quarter-past early in the morning, the boys could tell it was going to be a scorcher.

Chickerdoodle-130318-3So they did what all clever Texans do when they have the day off and it’s a hot one.

Chickerdoodle-130318-30They went snorkeling.

Chickerdoodle-130318-22 Chickerdoodle-130318-27Chickerdoodle-130318-12But just like perfect gentlemen, they refrained from getting their ears wet.

dry ears

All in all, a successful day.

Join us tomorrow for our regularly scheduled weekly programming!




8 responses

  1. I have always wanted to see how deep Luna would stick her face… she tends to stop before her ears, unless it was an accident lol. Wyatt on the other hand has been caught going totally under. I have a series of photos of just that, I should get around to working them up and posting them. Pretty hilarious. Usually it’s in search of a stick he thought he lost.
    We would have a kiddie pool here, but they tend to get mucky very fast and too many boys wanting to pee in them. We have tried it with the litters of puppies on occasion though and they like it. Wish we could just have a pond and be done with it.
    Hope Mama stayed cool too

  2. Awesome photos, what handsome guys you have there….sorry it’s already hot there, heat won’t be much longer here in southeast Louisiana either!

  3. I love it. My dog Jasper likes to snorkel too. Great pictures! I’ll trade you the scorcher for winter weather temps of 21 degrees. 🙂

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