Chix-A-Lot Friday: Remembering Dora the Explorer (+ a sweet little bonus for you!)

Many of you remember my last foster before Doodlebug, America’s sweetheart Dora the Explorer. How could you forget? She might have been the most gorgeous dog we’ve ever laid eyes on (other than yours truly of course!), and with that silky grey fur, that sweet underbite, and those amazing ears, it’s no wonder she broke hearts wherever she went.

Dora the Explorer-111205-18

She broke all our hearts again — in a sad way — when she got loose on a walk with her mama several months back and disappeared, never to be found again. To this day, she still hasn’t come home. We like to imagine that she was found by some kind family who just didn’t know how to locate her rightful owners. They fell in love, made her their own, and lived happily ever after. That’s how the story should end in our heads, anyway.

Dora-bull has been on our minds lately because we’ve just received our Yellow Brick Home Pet Shop tiny portrait of her, and we are in love all over again!

IMG_9046Dora’s portrait is our fourth 4×4 inch foster dog painting, on top of the two 6×6 inch paintings Kim has done of me and my silly brother the ‘Bug.


Since Kim’s art has become such a major presence in our home, mama asked her to document the process for us this time. We’ve been dying to know: what do these amazing mini works of art look like along the way? So today we’re thrilled to share a few insider looks!


Amazing, right?

And just for this week, as a special treat to all our readers, the Pet Shop is offering 10% off ALL products with the code DEARDORA!  This includes custom work, ready-to-go original paintings, prints, and gift certificates. Jump on it, the coupon expires at midnight on Monday, April 15!

As though that wasn’t enough of a treat for you already, we have another sweet announcement for Dora-lovers. Only the most dedicated fans will remember that when Dora was rescued, she was living in a back yard with one of her puppies, Boots. Well, Boots is now available for adoption through Love-A-Bull! He has all of her underbite, personality, and charms — plus a beautiful subtle, brindle coat.

Screen Shot 2013-04-08 at 7.34.00 PM

If you are still regretting not snatching up Dora when she was available, check out Boots on Love-A-Bull’s adoption page. Mama and dad have met him in person and can tell you with confidence: You will adore him!

28 responses

  1. I wondered if she was ever found… 😦
    Such a beautiful dog
    I get so many compliments on my little painting of our lab Bella! Kim does amazing work!

  2. Wouldn’t it be amazing if someone stumbled across your page and saw the writings about Dora and realized the beautiful dog they found was her! That is the ending I am waiting for someday. And as for Boots…look at those ears! LOVE LOVE LOVE

  3. I was just thinking about Dora the other day. I’m sad that she still hasn’t been found and I can only imagine how heartbroken her mama is. I too hope that she is being loved on by another family & is happy and safe.

    Love all of the little paintings that Kim has done for you. She is extremely talented! 🙂

  4. this breaks my heart for so many reasons. one, i just received my very own YBH 8×8 portrait of monster and every time i look at it i cry and smile at the same time. kim did SUCH a beautiful job and my sweet boy is such a vivid presence in my room. it’s not the same as having him snoozing on my bed or hopping in my lap for kisses, but it squeezes my heart every time i look over and see him smiling up at me with cherry blossoms at his feet.

    and two, i think of dora a lot. it’s ironic you posted this because just this morning i passed a poster for a lost dog on my way to work. the dog in it was sporting a handsome little harness in his picture and the poster was written in english and spanish to make extra sure whoever finds “KC” can get him home. i said a prayer for the dog on the poster and for dora right there at the stoplight. it hurts my heart so much to think of owners missing their babies and hoping and praying somebody nice found them and are keeping them out of the rain and their bellies full. i try to think of my monster up there looking over all the land and spotting all the lost dogs and nudging them toward home. i know it’s very childish and silly, but if he can’t be here with me, i try to think of his spirit doing something to help all the other heartbroken owners.

  5. I looooved Dora! What a character 🙂 I am so sorry her family never found her. And yes, I agree…she is safe and sound somewhere new. But it still breaks my heart a little to think of her family’s loss.

  6. Sniff, sniff. I pray Dora is with a wonderful family that loves her to pieces too. What gorgeous pictures too! I plan to one day soon start a collection of YBH paintings of my permanent and former foster dogs, It’s just a great way to remember them!

  7. Boots (or Booty Pants as he’s known in my house) is so excited he made it to your page! 🙂 His foster nana says he has a face only a mother could love, but I get compliments on him and his underbite (it’s pretty famous on Facebook and Instagram) all the time. Just this morning in fact my neighbor was complimenting it. If any of your awesome readers are interested in giving Mr. Booty Pants a furever home he’ll be waiting for them to come meet him at Healthy Pet tomorrow from 11 to 2. He’d love to see you there and show you his top notch snuggle skills.

  8. Am so sad about Dora. What a beautiful girl she is. I just know she must be safe with a wonderful family. I will get to meet Boots tomorrow as I will be volunteering at Love-A-Bull’s adoption event at Healthy Pet in Austin on W.William Cannon. Come down and meet boots in person! 🙂

  9. well, surely she has lived up to her name, dora the explorer. i imagine her to be on another curious adventure. i’m sorry that you are missing her though )

  10. Such a beautiful girl is Dora, one can only hope that she has found another family to love her and that she is safe and happy, to think otherwise just breaks my heart. The paintings are delightful as is the expression on Boots’ face, best of luck big fella!

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