Dogs as art.

**Be sure to read all the way to the bottom for a special treat, exclusively for our readers**

Who else is guilty of decorating their homes with their own dogs? We’re not just talking about the flesh-and-blood dogs themselves, though they love decorating the house with themselves:

We’re talking about paintings, photographs, and other likenesses of the dogs. In our home, we have a smattering of dog art around the house, but our most precious little (growing) collection is our mini pet portraits from Yellow Brick Home’s Pet Shop.

We started our collection with a beautiful 6×6 inch portrait of Sir Chick to decorate our living room wall:


. . . and then couldn’t resist ordering a matching 6×6 of Doodlebug for our mantle:


And while we were at it, we started collecting 4x4s of each of our former fosters. We gave Kim “artist’s choice” in which foster to paint first, and she chose her favorite, Gonzo Bunny-Ears, for our collage wall:

Next up — and most recent — was Stevie Wonder. With all the turmoil in the dear girl’s life lately, we just can’t get her out of our heads, so we asked Kim for a portrait of her sweet little self doing her signature breakdancing move. Could she be any cuter? Just look at that “love me” face!

She arrived a few days ago, and we instantly knew that she’d look perfect atop our favorite antique chest:

Next up? Lollie Wonderdog. And we’re already scheming where to put her darling little self!

**Hop over to the Pet Shop to take advantage of an exclusive 15% off coupon for your very own pet painting! Our special code — CHICKERDOODLE — is good forย anything at the Pet Shop. This includes custom art in 4×4, 6×6, and 8×8 sizes, ready-to-go originals, and gift certificates! There are only FIVE codes, so hurry along and claim one ASAP!**





24 responses

  1. I love dog art – it’s happy to look at and hard to offend anyone. We’ve been working on a series of miniature paintings with our boys. I love yours!


  2. Do you know how Stevie is doing? Her return and then what happened to the kind couple at Hound and a Half broke my heart. I’ve always wondered where she is and if she’s ok…

  3. There is so much art in this house it does not even all fit on the walls, but none of it is of me! There is even art with CATS playing drums! That does not seem right at all so I sent Sarah right over there to use the code for some art of me.

  4. Wow, can’t thank you enough for the information about the pet shop! I will be ordering several of those sweet, tiny portraits of my babies soon!

  5. Just ordered a 6×6 of Miss Eleanor! Of course, since I’ve had her for five minutes, will have to wait for a few more pictures before we decide how to memorialize the little goose. Thanks for the wonderful surprise this morning!

  6. I have professional portrait photos of my cat hanging on my walls, plus a painting I did of her…plus a snapshot framed in the bathroom…and then there’s the cat calendar…and I just realized I also have a Cat Lover mug sitting on my nightstand…I think this is the beginning of the end ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. These are great!! I just ordered a 6×6 of Paris. Thanks for the tip on these great portraits and for the deal!!! Hopefully I can dig up enough ‘quality’ photos to do my beautiful girl justice.

  8. Love your dog art, and how you are displaying it. The only art we have displayed right now are some of Carlos’ grandfather’s paintings. I hope one day soon, I order a painting from Kim’s shop. My dilemma is, should I have all five dogs on an 8×8 canvas, or individually painted on a 4×4 or 6×6?!

  9. Love these! And you have quite the flair for decorating, I might add. The dog portraits add such a special touch. I have to get some of my little beauties!

  10. We have a savings account just for a painting of Corbin. Someday we’ll get one! I just love the Yellow Brick Home painitngs…
    -Corbin’s momma, Jenn

  11. Love your house! Can’t wait to more room to decorate when we actually own something. I have lots of pictures of Luna printed, just have never gotten around to framing and hanging. We also have a Snart that an artist did of a shot of Luna and since we offered the inspiration she gave us a print of it. It’s cute, and one day when I find a frame it will be hung on the wall too. I would like to decorate with more but don’t want to end up like our breeder’s house… that is Vizsla Vizsla Vizsla. I mean we do have 2 other boys in the house so we gotta be fair. Love what you have done and these little minis though, really well done.

  12. The last time you had a promo code I used it to get a 4″ x 4″ of my dog for my boyfriend. We absolutely love it, it’s fantastic. What an amazing job they do. Thanks for sharing them with us!

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