Meet our new puppy!

Hey friends,

We’ve been busy the past month, taking care of our new puppy! Her name is Puppy E, and she got here a little less than a month ago. Despite our best lookings out the window, we never did see the stork come to bring her. Instead, mama and dad left one day and were replaced by our grandma (who took most excellent care of us and let us sleep in the human bed with her!!!).

Those few days really were most fantastical, because not only were we on the human bed and getting human snacks, but also our dog trainer friends from the Center were coming over to take us out on adventurings and walkings. A few times we even got to go to work to hang out for the day and be loved on by all of our friends!

So time really flew by, and before we knew it, mama and dad were home — and the puppy!


We were very excited to meet her since we’ve been preparing for so many forevers, and here are our observations:

  • She smells very nice most of the time, but occasionally she smells like it’s time for a diaper change.
  • She must be very clever because even on her very first day she got couch privileges, which Chick and I have yet to earn despite our most excellent behaviors and our abundant clevers!
  • Some of our interweb friends had warned us that our life would become less fantabulous after the puppy arrived — that we’d get less lovings, fewer treats, and fewer walks. But so far, life is pretty same-like. We have our paws crossed this continues!
  • She is very cute, but honestly kind of boring. Most of the time we don’t pay her any mind at all. We thought it would hurt mama’s feelings that we think Puppy E isn’t very interesting, but mama says she is actually thrilled — that this is exactly what we had been practicing for.

Some of our favorite hobbies that involve the puppy are howling like a wolf, in harmony with Puppy and sometimes even the Turkeyman:

Evangeline-130510-24Giving her little sniffs to help mama know whether it’s time to do the diaper thing:

Evangeline-130504-58And whispering sweet nothings in mama’s ear while she takes care of Puppy E. Mama and dad sure do work hard to keep the puppy from getting too squawk-ish, so they deserve some kind words and sniffs from us boys!




Mr. DoodlebugΒ (Big Brother)



35 responses

  1. She is beyond cute! Don’t know how you managed to get 3 cute kids, guess you should have a 4th just to see how long you can keep the streak going ;-).

    Sounds like all the baby conditioning paid off, so glad things seem to be going smoothly

  2. Congratulations! And don’t don’t worry, Doodlebug, I don’t think you or Chix is going to get any less lovins, our “first born’ puppy didn’t even though our vet told us that we would have to ‘break up” but no such thing has happened! Maybe one or two less treats, but that’s it…and extra when the puppy is screaming!

  3. She’s so so precious – congratulations to all, and especially on Big Brotherhood, Doodlebug and Chick! Glad to hear all the pre-puppy training paid off.

  4. Awww you have a really cute lil puppy there dude. One day you and your brother will be her first playmates.

  5. Congratulations, I love reading your talkings Bug! I’m sharing your story with a friend who is expecting a 2 legged puppy, ya’ll are doing great and before you know it Puppy E will be running with you and playing fetch. Great big hugs to your mommma and dad for continuing to do so great work and spreading the word of love and good doings on behalf of pitties.

  6. Congrats again on your new puppy! She is adorable & it’s great to read that all of the training before hand has paid off. πŸ™‚

  7. It’s times like this when WP needs a “Love” button! She is beautiful…and the pups have made you proud. Congratulations to all!

  8. What a beautiful puppy! Congrats! Just wait! It gets better, when she eats in a puppy/high chair she will drop lots of food!

  9. Congratulations on your new Puppy E. She’s very lucky to have two beautiful and smart big brothers to learn from. Enjoy the howling!!

  10. I have been kind of neglecting my yorkie lately. He often time wants to play when I am in the midst of an important task. After reading your post. I am motivated to do better. Good read. πŸ™‚

  11. Congratulations on your human puppy! She’s precious! Great job with the furkids- they really do seem to be assimilating her rather nicely (love the ignore the kid part!). Looks like she’ll have two big brothers to look out for her. ❀

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