Chix-a-Lot Friday: The Farmers Market

The other day my mama, my grandma, and Puppy E went to the Farmer’s Market. We didn’t get to go, and we pouted half the time they were gone. We were so mad — until they got home, that is.

They walked in, and mama had a big grin on her face.

I asked myself: “Self, why does mama have a big grin on her face?”

And Self said to me “She must have brought you a most bodacious yummable.”

And I was right. So for the rest of the afternoon, my Doodlebrother and I feasted like kings on the most righteous of organic, free/strange, fresh marrow bones.

Chickerdoodle-130515-13 Chickerdoodle-130515-7 Chickerdoodle-130515-10And then all evening long, we dreamt of our most bodacious, righteous of marrow bones:

Chickerdoodle-130501-2 Chickerdoodle-130501-3 Life is good in Austin, Texas.



13 responses

  1. They are so adorable. I’m happy to hear that you’re still getting lots of attention even after Puppy E arrived! We are expecting our own little two-legged pup in September, so we hope to be able to give our furbaby Tonto just as much attention after he/she is here than before.

  2. Maybe it’s only me, but I don’t have experience getting the pup marrow bones. Do you just go to a butcher and as for ‘marrow bones?’ Sorry if this is a dumb question…I just think Nola and Sarge would LOVE if I brought them home those most delicious looking treats!

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