The puppy’s dog bed


So, my puppy got a new dog bed. Only this dog bed has some crazy dangly things hanging above it, and quite honestly, they hang a little low for a full-grown dog to crawl under for a nap.Evangeline-130524-29

In any case, I thought I’d check it out for her to make sure it’s safe.Evangeline-130524-38I determined that it’s safe, and then I let the puppy lay down in it for a nap.

Only she did not nap! Instead, she laid on her back and kicked her legs and flailed her paws around. I guess she was also thinking that the dangly things were in the way. But instead of getting annoyed like I would have, she just kept smiling at the danglers.

Evangeline-130524-21So the Turkeyman and I laid on either side, real still-like, trying to show her what napping on a dog bed is supposed to be like.

Evangeline-130524-19Maybe she’ll learn eventually.





25 responses

  1. Beautiful photos! I love the vivid colors. It’s so good of you, Doodlebug, to mentor the new pup on proper dog behavior. These lessons will serve her well in life. You and the new pup are precious beyond words.

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  3. Don’t worry she will learn…eventually! Sweet photos.

    Hey, I found your blog from another blog! It really seems great- thank you

  4. I love this post and the pictures because it helps reassure me our soon-to-be here baby and our pittie will be A OK on the floor together, of course with supervision. Athena just loves to lick and crowd over anyone who is on the floor. We have been practicing these manners and hope to see her successes once the baby comes.

  5. Your posts so refreshing and inspiring , love dogs so much, the pictures, so fun to read, I nominated you for the Sunshine award , keep posting , looking forward for more happy stories you have with your dog. God bless ♥

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