Ice cream surprises — and a contest for you!


Some of you may remember that a while back, we did a blog post and giveaway for a large manufacturer of dog treats — ice cream, to be specific — and some cute little stuffed animal dogs.

We had lots of fun with the giveaway — as we always do — but we made a little bitty confession: we wouldn’t let our dogs actually eat the treats that we were giving away, because they’re loaded with corn syrup, additives, and other yuckies that are not a part of Chick and Doodlebug’s diet.

Something else great came of that contest: we were contacted by a small, craft maker of artisan dog treats, Arrfscarf. They had taken note of our complaints, and issued a challenge: try OUR ice cream and treats, and see what you (and Chick and Doodlebug) think.

We took one look at Arrfscarf’s website, and hastily agreed.

So not long after, we received a yummy-smelling package in the mail. It was loaded with dry ice to keep our boys’ ice cream chilled, and lined with some delicious looking treats.



We even got to select our ice cream flavor: Beef Brisket. We worry constantly about the ingredients and additives in the boys’ snacks and food, but we felt at ease with this particular treat. The ingredients? Locally Sourced Beef Brisket. Organic Yams. Vanilla. Honey. Greek Yogurt. YUM.

photo courtesy Arrfscarf.

photo courtesy Arrfscarf.

There is much to love about this company, which hand makes its doggie goodies in Chicago. Their ice cream and other treats are nutritionally sound, they locally source their ingredients, and they carefully avoid any flavorings, preservatives, or colors. Ick.

Needless to say, the boys loved their treats. Chick took one lick of his ice cream, his eyes got wide, and he grabbed the whole cup in his mouth and bolted across the yard to his favorite eating spot to devour it. Meanwhile, Doodlebug maintained his discipline like a gentleman and licked at his ice cream diligently for a minute or two before also succumbing to the urge to crunch it all down in one heavenly gulp.

Chickerdoodle-130522-16 Chickerdoodle-130522-20 Chickerdoodle-130522-41


But there’s more! Arrfscarf has agreed to do a very exciting contest and giveaway with us, and we’ll be launching tomorrow! Tune in again for all the details. This is one contest you won’t want to miss!

15 responses

  1. That’s super exciting news! I’m going to check them out right now because I’d love to be able to give Ray some wholesome frozen treats (other than the ones I make.)

  2. That’s awesome! I’ve considered making my own doggie ice cream for the pooches – but someone else making it sounds even better! 🙂

    PS – Moby has his own special “eating in the yard” spot too. 🙂

  3. They look so happy, and it sounds good. I would just be worried that my dog would crunch and eat the plastic cup. Could it not be made edible in some way?

  4. I just checked out their website – YUM! Now Fenway will be the one eating while I sit there staring at him and drooling!!!!

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  6. I like that you are so aware and careful about what goes into your dogs’ mouths. I’ve emailed this to my daughter who is a dog trainer and is very conscientious about the ingredients in dog foods and treats, too. Thanks for the info.

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