The Saga of Stevie Wonder – Part 1

Who remembers this gal?

Stevie Wonder lived with us last summer — our fifth foster dog, and one of our true darlings.  She was one of those perfect rescue/foster stories. A good dog who wasn’t cut out for shelter life, pulled into foster care when it became obvious she wasn’t going to make it out on her own.

When she arrived, she was a quivery, shut-down mess. But with time and love, we helped her open up. We had lots of fun adventures together, and integrated her successfully with our own grumpy Chick, who ended up pretty fond of the spazzy lass. We took her to adoption events and talked about her all the time, like a good foster family does. Not only is she cute as a button, a great runner, swimmer, fetcher, and snuggler, but she had that kind of jubilant energy with a little splash of nervousness thrown in that made her oh-so-fun to work with. Our favorite kind of dog — a little challenging, but in a good way. Full of love, but kind of a spaz. Very emotional. And very willing to learn.

She was with us a couple of months, and then in mid August, a family showed up to meet her. They seemed perfect. Experienced, loving, ready for a new dog. They had a little boy with a head of blond curls. They instantly loved Stevie, and she instantly loved them. We had fantasies about her and the little boy growing up together. They applied, and they were approved. We were thrilled — it was a perfect match.

We cried a little when she walked out of our world and into theirs, but then we patted ourselves on the back and congratulated ourselves for a match made in heaven. And they lived happily ever after . . . right?

In any case, that’s how the story is supposed to end. In a perfect world, every dog would enter foster care, be matched with their perfect family on the first try, and live happily ever after. Easy breezy. But it turns out that in the case of Stevie — like so many dogs who circulate the rescue world — the story is a lot more tumultuous and complicated. Stay tuned for this story’s next chapter tomorrow . . .

22 responses

  1. Oh, I can’t believe you left us hanging like this. You know me and mom have a super soft spot in our hearts for Miss Stevie. I hope, hope, hope her story has a happy ending.

    Concerned Wiggles & Wags,

  2. Oh no! I hope everything with Stevie is OK, they way you describe her sounds exactly like our Cooper…”Full of love, but kind of a spaz. Very emotional. And very willing to learn.” Yep, that’s him!

    Darn you woman and your cliffhangers!

  3. Of course I remember Stevie! She had such personality. I’m sorry to hear things didn’t work out the way you planned but I hope she is on her way to the good life now.

  4. I just came across your blog and have enjoyed this and other posts. I do hope things work out for Stevie. I would love to foster dogs, but my work doesn’t give me enough time to be home. I do have two beautiful rescue dogs–one is still a puppy, a stray I brought back from the streets of New Delhi. He’s doing great (although very high energy) and is adjusting well to life in the U.S.

  5. It’s apparent many of us are hoping for the best but fearing the worst. I hope Stevie is safe and happy. I’m also hopeful that the fact that you posted the pic of the family indicates a happy ending….with a few bumps en route.

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