Gonzo’s Bunny-Ears: Saving Lives Since 2007*

The moment we met Gonzo, we felt that it was his ears that helped spring him out of jail at one of the most overcrowded shelters in the DC area. Having spent almost two months with him, we were all the more convinced that the magnetism of his ears is so strong that they have the capacity to save more dogs than just himself. And now? Well, now we have proof.

We first met T through her inquiry about adopting Gonzo. Her family is perfect. Two boys, one young, one older, a big fenced yard, nice flexible schedules, another dog — a lab — who loves to play. T is absolutely charming, and was equally charmed by Gonzo through his bio and his blog. Because of the young age of one of her children, her application was not a match (Gonzo is a bit nippy with toys and is not allowed to go to a family with kids under 4ish). Sad to be losing a great potential adopter, I emailed her right away, offering to suggest a few dogs at local shelters who met her general criteria (smallish pit bull type, dog- and cat-friendly, young, and cute ears — a la Gonzo — if possible). After all, spring is the season of dogs being put to sleep in huge numbers, so it’s also the best time to adopt.

Much to my delight, T responded to my offer. I rushed to get in touch with friends at our local shelter, MCHS, who immediately recommended a sweet, young, timid pit bull girl named Precious. She even has cute, perky ears! Precious had been a shelter favorite because of her dainty, gentle nature and adorable, petite features, but as many pit bulls do, she kept getting overlooked. Unfortunately, her initial shelter photo kind of made her look like a haggard old lady:

Still, at my determined insistence, T agreed to make the long haul up to MCHS (30 miles is far for the DC area!) to meet her that week. And wouldn’t you know, it was love. They loved Precious’ temperament, her sweet eyes, her gentle nature, and her fabulous bat ears. Over the next few days, another visit ensued with the rest of the family, including dog Gretzky, a home interview, and a spay surgery for Precious. She was adopted!

No glamour shots of Precious (now Luna!) are available yet, but these show off her cuteness just a tad bit better. Check out those Gonz-esque ears!

During the application process, we got a very nice note from T about her experience working with us and with MCHS on the adoption. We were thrilled to hear about T’s great experience, and wanted to pass this along as an important reminder to our friends who are on the front lines of animal welfare work– whether in shelters, at rescues, or elsewhere. A bit of kindness and a willingness to treat every person as an individual just as you would treat every animal — can make all the difference.

“And any lingering twinge over the “Gonzo app” is negated by all the positives that came out of the situation. (Hopefully) A sweet angel of a dog is getting a forever home she might not have gotten otherwise, and in the process ya’ll (You, Bobbi and Dave)  may help a couple OTHER dogs find their forever homes as a result.
I know a few people who want to adopt a dog, but who’ve found the online adoption process to be rather daunting and overwhelming (all those dogs, and they all sound/look equally as adorable, but it’s not the same as meeting the dog in person)  and I’ve shared with them my experiences this far, and how helpful and supportive you all have been and they’re looking into adoption via MCHS and other local shelters in the coming weeks.
So if it all works out maybe a few more doggies with find forever homes that wouldn’t have if everything had gone perfectly and smoothly with the Gonzo adoption. Win!”

So Precious/Luna: congratulations on your beautiful new life, and Gonzo: your ears’ altruism clearly knows no bounds!

*Gonzo has technically been saving lives only since 2010, when he saved his own life, via his ears, at the shelter. But six months ago in human years is four years ago in dog years . . . right?

good for your heart AND for your health

We at Casa Fosterfamily just love to brag about Lollie.  By now it should be no secret; she is adorable, well-behaved, and apparently irresistible to strangers (although why has she not been adopted yet?).

Last Friday, Lollie visited Montgomery General Hospital as part of the employee health and wellness expo, to show the positive benefits of (adopted!) pets for your health. According to a Washington Examiner Article about the event, “. . . hospital employees who visited the MCHS booth at the health expo were invited to experience the instantaneous mood benefits that meeting foster dogs Bella and Lollie and foster cat Macky could have for them.”

The hospital employees discovered what Lollie’s friends and fans have know all along– that she is an instantaneous mood lifter thanks to her affectionate nature…

… and her constant clownery: 

She is also a great role model for health, because she always eats her veggies:

She knows the importance of a good night’s sleep: 

She demonstrates good restraint when eating treats and snacks:

And she likes to do yoga:

Needless to say, she was a big hit. According to her friend Santa Dave who came to the event as her handler, “Lollie was a star and made us the most popular table.” Here are a few photos taken by MCHS staff of Lollie giving some of her famous love to the crowd.

For more info on adopting Lollie, contact us at DCpetographer@gmail.com or 301-520-7123.

Kibble for Comments!

It has turned cold outside, and we had our first dusting of snow the other night. To Lollie this means it’s time to steal her foster brother’s hoodie, but also to remember all the other homeless animals who are not as fortunate as she is, living in a warm and loving foster home.

warm and fashionable in her brother's hoodie

So, Lollie had an idea inspired by our friend over at Holyoke Home. For every comment* left on Love and a Six-Foot Leash posts from December 15th-December 31st 2010, we will donate one pound of high-quality dog food to Lollie’s sugar daddy, the Montgomery County Humane Society. We are lucky to have you wonderful blog readers celebrating Lollie’s progress and spreading the word about this fabulous adoptable dog. And in your honor, we want to give a little something extra to the homeless animals being cared for by our stellar local shelter.

So please, leave a comment this month! And as always, share Lollie’s blog with friends who may be looking for an adoptable wonderdog of their own!

please won't you help me find a home?

*up to 250 lbs of food; no multiple posts in a row by the same contributor

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