must love veggies.

Date: dinnertime. Location: my parlour. Feeling: like dabbling in vegetarianism.

As it turns out, I am a veggieholic. Feed me a carrot, I will gobble it down. A big hunk of cauliflower? No match for me. A crispy kale flake? I will jump for joy. I’m making my foster mom wonder if they need to start that compost pile after all . . .


7 responses

  1. My Stella loves all veggies except lettuce- i discovered this week that includes raw root vegetables such as beets, turnips, and sweet potato!

    Sure makes cooking easier when your pup eats all the scraps…

  2. Your blog is awesome! Have put it on my Facebook page and my friends that are also animal advocates love it and are spreading it around. Thank you for all that you do! PS: I just relocated from San Francisco and am looking to volunteer. Email me if you need any help?

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