a cat-tastic video

Just when you thought you were maxed out on Lollie’s adorability, we have something new for you. For a little Friday fun, we caught a video of her watching a youtube video of talkative cats. Her little bobblehead is just over-the-top cute.

Check it out!

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a breakthrough and a new friend

Over the past few days, we’ve had a big breakthrough with Lollie. While it only took her a day or two to master the concept of a leash (we suspect she had never been walked on one before), she has always had trouble staying focused on the task at hand in the presence of her greatest all-time nemesis, the squirrel. Last weekend though, we noticed that the anti-squirrel training I had been doing with Lollie was finally starting to pay off.

For a long time, the mere shadow of a squirrel (or the sound of a squirrel, or the shadow or sound of a leaf that looks or sounds like a squirrel) would be enough to send Lollie — literally — into backflips on the end of her leash. It was a state of excitement that wouldn’t diminish for the duration for the walk. It was enough to make her forget to pee entirely.

But suddenly, something clicked. Maybe it was my consistency at not letting her pull toward a squirrel, or my attempts (usually in vain) to redirect her attention toward me, but all of a sudden, Lollie gets only a little excited when her nemesis presents itself. Tonight we were even accosted by two squirrels playing a noisy and flamboyant game of chase around a tree trunk mere feet away from where we were walking, and while Lolita let out a little squeak and a miniature hop, she quickly moved on. I have scarcely been prouder.

Also on this evening’s walk, Lollie made a friend. Her new friend was a stick. To be specific, her new friend was this stick:

Lollie has never showed a strong interest in sticks, even during play. So you can imagine my amusement when we were walking quietly along, and upon crossing the path of a two-foot branch of an oak tree, Lollie stopped, dug in her heels, and let me know that she was not interested in continuing any further.

We stood there in the lamplight for a minute or two, each holding our ground. In the end, we reached a compromise. Lollie would continue walking with me, but only if she could bring her new friend with her. So we walked the remaining few minutes home with her proudly toting her new friend the two-foot oak branch.

I thought that her fascination with the stick was so bizarre that I let her bring it inside and play with it for a while. At first, she whispered sweet nothings in its ear and lovingly caressed it with her tongue:

She even gave it a little play bow: 

Unfortunately, the stick did not reciprocate her invitation to play, and so she did what any normal dog would do to a stick that doesn’t want to play. She ate it.

I guess it was a short-lived friendship, but it was full of passion.

A Snoozy Week Ahead + Kibble for Comments

***For every comment* left on Love and a Six-Foot Leash posts from December 15th-December 31st 2010, we will donate one pound of high-quality dog food to Lollie’s sugar daddy, the Montgomery County Humane Society. Together, by spreading the word about adoptable Lollie Wonderdog, we can find her a forever home. We are up to 186 comments / pounds of food!!***

Lollie spent the holiday weekend with her dear friends at the boarding facility where she is, of course, a favorite. Fosterfamily spent Christmas visiting a 12-person, three-dog, two-cat house; it would’ve been too much for our little girl. We are picking her up tonight and expect to be greeted by a snuggly, sleepy, and just-bathed wonderdog. Something about the boarding experiece really tuckers her out and makes her the perfect couch companion when she gets home:

Hope everybody is having a nice quiet week! Keep the comments coming!

*up to 250 lbs of dog food.

cuddly clown video + kibble for comments

***For every comment* left on Love and a Six-Foot Leash posts from December 15th-December 31st 2010, we will donate one pound of high-quality dog food to Lollie’s sugar daddy, the Montgomery County Humane Society. Together, by spreading the word about adoptable Lollie Wonderdog, we can find her a forever home!!***

It’s about time for another Lollie video, just to remind our little girl’s adoring fans that she may be even cuter in action than she is in stillframe.  We wrote about her bedtime antics a few days ago, and here she is, hamming it up for the video camera. This video was taken a few weeks ago, and since then she has learned to control her enthusiastic tongue quite a bit… we think that she was using her tongue to express her affection, and she has since switched over to the “pet me” headstand to show her boundless love.

*up to 250 lbs of food; no multiple posts in a row by the same contributor

giving thanks and a dance party

Lollie has plenty to be thankful about this Thanksgiving, not the least of which is her recent reincarnation as a spoiled house pet. But rather than continuing to focus on her sad past, Lolita would like to share the three things she is most thankful for: butt-scratches from her fostermom, her sweet dance moves, and her excellent taste in music.

baby [gate] steps

You may recall that we are slowly getting the wonderdogs used to each other using a combination of leashes and baby gates. Until this weekend, we were using a 4′ baby gate that was essentially a complete physical barrier. Lolita’s enthusiastic tongue could sneak through to lick my fingers or Chick’s unsuspecting face, but nothing more.

This weekend we decided to move to a much more modest gate, so the wonderdogs could sniff and greet over or under the gate in addition to observing each other through.

Lollie interpreted the new gate as a fun game / challenge. She never did weasel her way through it thanks to her big muscular shoulders, but she sure did try:

must love veggies.

Date: dinnertime. Location: my parlour. Feeling: like dabbling in vegetarianism.

As it turns out, I am a veggieholic. Feed me a carrot, I will gobble it down. A big hunk of cauliflower? No match for me. A crispy kale flake? I will jump for joy. I’m making my foster mom wonder if they need to start that compost pile after all . . .


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