low quality video of a high quality dog

Excuse the very shoddy quality of our first Lollie video. Just wanted everyone to see how cute she is in action, while attempting to conquer a stalk of celery, learning how to eat dog food out of a gatorade bottle (which, by the way, she learned in about 15 minutes. amazing.) and practicing “sit,” “down,” and “go get it.”

We especially love her funny habit of tucking her right elbow/shoulder under her body when she does the “down” command.

must love veggies.

Date: dinnertime. Location: my parlour. Feeling: like dabbling in vegetarianism.

As it turns out, I am a veggieholic. Feed me a carrot, I will gobble it down. A big hunk of cauliflower? No match for me. A crispy kale flake? I will jump for joy. I’m making my foster mom wonder if they need to start that compost pile after all . . .


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