out on the town

This weekend we bundled up and took Lollie Wonderdog out to a busy pedestrian area in Silver Spring to strut our stuff (well, mostly her stuff). It has a pretty urban vibe, with lots of people and tall buildings, but no squirrels or rabbits. This kind of landscape always bodes well for Lollie’s gentlelady-like behavior, and she really hammed it up big time. Despite the strong winds and chill, people just flocked to her in her cute “adopt me” vest, which was recommended by our friend and mentor Maria of Tia’s Promise Animal Rescue. No applications yet, but we are hopeful. With her dashing good looks, perfect manners, and blockbuster personality, how can people resist?

Here are a few shots of fostermom and fosterdad with little miss thing.

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  1. 3 of the more photogenic beings that I have the pleasure of knowing! And Chick is too…but he just didn’t get into this update!

  2. She is so striking, and I love that first photo where she’s posing just like a ballerina. I’m actually shocked there hasn’t been an application on her yet. Is it harder to adopt out pit bulls in your area? (I think here in Chicago things are turning around and pitbulls do get adopted fairly quickly).

    • She is lovely, isn’t she? I think one big challenge for Lolita specifically is that we are fostering directly from shelter, and the focus with the org is on shelter animals rather than fosters (like they would be in a rescue group), so she doesn’t get as much exposure. Also, in our area a majority of dogs in shelters are pits, so not all are lucky enough to be adopted. I am glad to hear that things are looking up in Chicago… I used to work with the Humane Society of the US’ End Fighting program in Chi… it seemed like it was doing good things for public sentiment. Have you heard much?

      typed telephonically. please excuse tybos.

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